• socorro-sultan

    Why would somebody kill an innocent? instead put them in jail..let us all be responsible..

  • beenthere72

    Put who in jail?   Women who have abortions?  

  • arekushieru

    And is your first sentence related to your last?  If not, who are you calling innocent?  Not fetuses, I hope.  Because they don’t have the capacity to be innocent or guilty.  

    Secondly, you’re already putting women in jail for a biological process that is entirely beyond their control, by forcing them to gestate.  How is that being responsible?  And, isn’t entrapment illegal?  Also, I would say the fetus is certainly being jailed for non-criminal activity, when you do the same, because, not only is a woman’s body certainly a smaller place to reside in than that which is normally perceived as what the term ‘jail’ described, but it is done without fetal consent (barring the fact that we know that the fetus is unABLE to give consent).

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