Bachmann wants government out of personal family choices…what the what?

And by personal family choices, she means light bulb choices. Via the Star Tribune:

“The government has no business telling an individual what kind of light bulb to buy,” Bachmann said in a statement Wednesday. “This mandate has sweeping effects on American families and businesses and needs serious consideration before taking effect

The mandate to which Bachmann is referring is a law that requires phaseout of incandescent light bulbs and the adoption of high efficiency compact fluorescent bulbs. She’s reinvigorated her campaign to pass the “Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act” which would do away with the light bulb mandate.

Bachmann further added: ““The American people want less government intrusion into their lives, not more, and that includes staying out of their personal light bulb choices.”

Regardless of your stance on light bulb choice, you still have to still have to ask yourself: “Are you kidding me, Representative Bachmann?”

Bachmann is totally A-OK with the government intruding on family decisions and choices made in the doctors’ office involving the most PERSONAL of personal choices: a woman’s right to choose whether to continue a pregnancy. Bachmann even supports allowing the government to prohibit a woman from having an abortion, even when it means the woman might die if she continues the pregnancy. She doesn’t just support it— she co-sponsored the bill!

Here’s the truth: Bachmann has been a strong supporter of government intrusions into women’s lives. Just don’t mess with lightbulbs— My lighbulb, my choice.

 –Karina, Web Editor, Planned Parenthood Advocate

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  • ack

    Her broken record needs to stop skipping. TAKE THE NEEDLE OFF, MN!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!

  • princess-jourdan

    I just LOVE hypocrites who talk about both sides of their mouth.  Bachmann reminds me of this girl who always used to call me a “murdering whore who was going to burn in Hell” because I had an abortion….and yet she had hit and killed an 18-year-old boy while driving.

  • invalid-0

    Yup, abortion and electricity.  Totally the same thing.

    I understand that you disagree with Bachmann, that a fetus can be treated like any other disposable trash, but you can’t deny that she (and a large part of the population) disagree with you.

    I get the point you’re trying to make, but to infer that her beliefs on lighting a room and killing the unborn somehow contradict each other is either grossly ignorant or intentionally misleading.

  • plume-assassine

    No, you really don’t get it…

    Bachmann is trying to play the role of “small government conservative” who wants to project an image of a “libertarian” who is all about “personal choice” and private family deicions. There’s a TON of cognitive dissonance going on if you think the government intruding into your lightbulb choice is a big scary deal… yet somehow it’s not a big deal for the government to treat my uterus as federally protected property and tell me when or whether to have children. Which is more personal of these scenarios? Which is worth more outrage if the government tries to interfere?

    a. Choosing the right lightbulb, or 

    b. choosing when/whether to have children.

  • saltyc

     that a fetus can be treated like any other disposable trash

    Nobody wants to treat a fetus as disposable trash, genius. Do you think women purposefully get pregnant when they can’t continue a pregnancy? Have you ever spoken to a woman who had an abortion who felt the way you describe? You lack any basic human compassion, and you have the temerity to mention women who suffered after abortion? Would you tell her to her face that she shouldn’t have been so cavalier about her pregnancy? Hey, some of us here put a hell of a lot of thought into it before realizing we couldn’t do right by a potential child and that creating someone without the basic necessities wasn’t the moral course to take. It was not anything like what you characterize it as, you goon. 

  • princess-jourdan

    SaltyC, don’t you know that MEN without uteruses who will NEVER know what it’s like to experience a pregnancy or have to make a decision whether to keep it or not know EXACTLY all about it?? Duh! It’s just the same as me being a woman and knowing exactly what it’s like to have a prostate exam and give my two cents about penis & testicle functions anytime I feel like it. [I’m hoping you caught my sarcasm here.]

  • saltyc

    Oh yeah, you’re right and I need to go on support sites for testicular cancer survivors and rant about how they just want to treat their testicles like disposable trash.

    [yes and hope you caught mine]

  • invalid-0

    Nobody wants to treat a fetus as disposable trash, genius.

    My mistake.  That must be paper plates and beer bottles in those medical waste bags coming out of abortion clinics.

    OH, my bad.  It’s disposable trash that you feel really bad about having to throw out.  

    The “potential child” is either disposable, or worth protecting.  At least I know where I stand.

    Thank you for proving my point though, that analogizing light bulb replacements to abortion is downright ridiculous.

  • invalid-0

    Have you ever spoken to a post-abortive woman?  I mean, comparing the decision to end a pregnancy to the decision to remove a cancerous growth?  Have you no human compassion, you goon?

    [No sarcasm there. I’m serious, it disgusts me that you analogize abortion to removing a tumor.]

  • ldan

    The relief after many abortions and removing a tumor are similar, so it’s not entirely unapt.

  • therealistmom

    …parasitizing my body’s resources and potentially causing me harm.


    The other is a tumor.


    The only difference in the early stages (aside from emotional context) is that one is imbibled with Sperm Magic and the other is not. Neither can feel, has any consciousness, can exist without its host, and both are using my body to support its growth. Both have 23 pairs of chromosomes per human cell. One has the <i>potential</i> to develop into a human infant through continued use of my body’s resources, with side effects that can include death.


    From a purely clinical standpoint, there isn’t much difference in removing the two.


    From an emotional one, there certainly is.  An emotional impact that would be greatly lessened if people would quit equating an egg cell imbued with Sperm Magic as a “baby”.


    Feel free to be disgusted with me. I’ve been through pregnancy and childbirth and understand the difference between a 9 week fetus and an infant, and what pregnancy and childbirth can do to the female of the species. Our evolution that selected for large cranial capacity along with an upright walking posture made pregnancy and childbirth a risky proposition.

  • princess-jourdan

    Oh and arex, thank you so much for ASSUMING to know how I felt after my abortion and assuming that I thought of my zygote as disposable trash. Are you me?? Were you in the examing room with me?? Do you have some sort of psychic power that allows you to know what thoughts I am thinking in my brain?? NO, you don’t. For your information, I was sad and disappointed that I had to make a decision like this. I wish my circumstances could have been different. But they weren’t. And so I made the best possible decision I could for me and what would have been my child. I even prayed to God about it and told him all about my dilemma and what I was deciding to do. And you know what? I don’t think God is angry at me for the decision I made. The God I know is all-knowing, understanding, loving, and forgiving. He knows and understands everything we do. And he doesn’t seem to be smiting me down for the difficult decision I made, so I’d say he is OK with it and does not hate me for it!! If the Lord can understand us and not judge us for the tough choices and mistakes we make, then a lowly mortal like you has no business acting all high and mighty and dumping your hateful judgement on us!! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, SO BUTT OUT!!!

  • wolfwytch

    Sperm Magic, I love it hehe


    Thank you, however, for describing it so perfectly! A person, becomes a person after a certain amount of growth, evolution and we call it pregnancy… that same fertilized ovum can implant in the tube, or outside the uterus, and you rarely hear anyone hollering about saving that ectopic pregnancy… hypocrisy, is what I call that…


    I shouldn’t have done that, though, now we’ll have people holding signs protesting saving our lives when we abort an ectopic pregnancy and it will be just as horrific as those signs protesting saving our minds when we have an abortion.

  • plume-assassine

    “Post-abortive”? Is that a medical term or condition, arex? Didn’t think so. And for the record, I know a few women who’ve had abortions. The difference between you and I (when talking to these women) is that I don’t lead them along into a guilt trip and blame/shame them as I am sure you like to do in oh-so-subtle ways.


    As for human compassion… You know what’s really funny, arex? You are more capable of feeling compassion for an insentient embryo than you are capable of feeling compassion for women. This is what I’ve gathered from your posts here.

  • saltyc

    And the women who have radical mastectomies, treating their breasts like -as you’d say- “disposable trash,” I bet you’d love screaming at them for doing that.



    At least I know where I stand.

    Yeah, chin-deep in a steaming pile of repulsive, callous sanctimony.

  • saltyc

    To be precise, I was analogizing the agony a typical patient would go through deciding whether to have a valuable part of his body removed to a woman agonizing over whether to continue a pregnancy, neither would do so if they considered the part to be removed “disposable trash.” Because if you think that asking a man  after testicular removal why he treated his balls like disposable garbage, and asking a woman who just had an abortion why she treated her fetus like disposable garbage, would get you different results, arex, you are right to be disgusted, at yourself for making that remark earlier.

    You should take it back, take back your remark that we want to treat a fetus like disposable trash and then you can start talking about compassion, especially for post-abortive women.

    And since your mind works in dichotomies:

    Either you have compassion for women who have abortions, or you want to mentally torure them as much as your intolerant voice can carry, you can’t have it both ways.

  • beenthere72

    Arex, I’ve had 2 abortions.   I equate forcing a girl or woman to carry an unwanted  pregnancy to term to forcing a person to keep their cancerous tumor.    Both can ravage your body, both can destroy your life, both can kill you.  

  • crowepps

    Arex’s point is that ALL women should WANT to be mothers and ALL women should WANT to put their life on the line and destroy their health for any zygote that is created, because the ZBEF either gets an absolute right to have everything else sacrificed for it even when in reality it’s doomed, or else OBVIOUSLY all women think children are garbage and want to kill them.  Since, you know, everything should be considered only as a dichtomy of its two most ridiculous extremes.

    It’s been my experience in discussing these matters that after you have responded to their mythology of reproduction by giving them the real facts, cleared up their misunderstanding about how medication works, given them examples from real life, even from your OWN life, that they STILL are unwilling to give an inch because the real issue underlying their beliefs is:

    ‘My Mommy was/SHOULD HAVE BEEN willing to do anything at all for ME, the pinnacle of creation, with no conditions, instinctively 100% pro-ME even when the product of rape, even if her health would be ruined, even if she would die, because SHE didn’t matter at all but only the awesome stupendousness of ME, and so ALL good women should be willing to do anything at all for any zygote, even die, and women who aren’t 100% pro-zygote are EVIL MOMMY/deserve death.’


    What happens to the zygote after it completes the process isn’t important and actual live born babies don’t deserve any special support, because the ZBEF is only necessary as a mechanism to give the TEST.  It isn’t that the zygote lives that’s important, it’s that the woman proves SHE doesn’t selfishly insist on thinking she is a real live human person who deserves to continue existing.


    This reminds me irresistibly of the standard witch tests — if her vile witchy powers don’t preserve her life during the test, she’s innocent, and we’re all very sad that unfortunately she’s dead, but if she survives the test, it’s due to her vile witchy powers,  she’s evil and should be executed.


    The current flood of anti-woman, kill them all and let God sort them out legislation is just so depressing.  The South Dakota “pre-abortion religious lecture” law is just the last straw.  The law does not have any exceptions for women who were raped; they get shamed and guilt-tripped.  The law does not have any exceptions for children pregnant from incest; they get shamed and guilt-tripped and their mothers are NOT ALLOWED TO BE PRESENT because it’s presumed she may be the one ‘coercing’ the child into having an abortion.  The law does not have any exceptions for women whose fetus is DEAD; they have to show up and get the sentimentalist religious drivel about how ‘God’s plan is waiting for natural delivery to start’ (unless of course God’s plan is instead septicemia and death).


    If women in this country don’t wake up and start voting their own interests, they’re going to find themselves chained to the stove again, trying to take care of 12 children and the misery that will inflict on women and children won’t matter one iota because it seems like the only thing in the world important to men is proving to other men that they can knock somebody up and so that proves they aren’t gay.  Except that it doesn’t.

  • jayn

    I suppose we should get rid of all product regulations, like safety standards and such.  If a parents wants to buy their child a set of lawn darts, let ’em!

  • beenthere72

    But wait, not ALL women.  Only MARRIED women.   Unmarried women shouldn’t dare desire sex, and if they do, it’s their own fault they spread their legs.   Punishment: pregnancy, no matter what the outcome or the effect on their life.  


    Since we can’t leave babies on legislators doorsteps for real, why don’t we just round up every betsy-wetsy we can find and leave those.    Do they cry?  I can’t remember.   I didn’t play with baby dolls. 

  • dfendr78

    I am about fed up with GOP/Tea Party/ Right and their ugly and archaic ideas about family planning or other ligitimate reproduction rights that are protected by international law and treaties.  I believe in the first amendment but not a closed mind. This is 2011 not 4000BC.


    Ms Bachmann is a hypocrit by trying to keep the government out of your life by making a government law to do just that.