The Best Walk for Choice Signs from Across the Country

We’ve got to admit that we are impressed with the wit, creativity and incisiveness of the pro-choice community’s signs at Walk for Choice rallies across the country this past Saturday.

Here are ten of the best, check out a longer list at Buzzfeed.

Austin, TX

Austin, TX – Source

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL – Source

Austin, TX

Austin, TX, Source


NYC – Source


NYC – Source

Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA – Source

Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH – Source

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL – Source

Boston, MA

Boston, MA – Source

Boston, MA

Grand Rapids, MI – Source

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  • lina

    Saturday was absolutely beautiful and SO needed! These are great.

  • mechashiva

    Saturday just left me really certain of my disenchantment with rallies.


    The speakers framed everything in terms of a war on women’s rights and healthcare. Not a single one of them answered the question, “Why now?” If they had, maybe it would be obvious that this isn’t actually a spontaneous culture war, but rather the Republicans simply trying to whip their socially conservative base into a frenzy for the Presidential Election next year. They’re using abortion to manipulate their base into arguing against funding social service programs. How else could they get people who are supposedly pro-baby, pro-family to argue in favor of cutting WIC and other programs? Those are mostly being ignored due to the inclusion of abortion restrictions, which take up most of the focus during debate because it is such a political hot-button (read: red herring).


    Not that we shouldn’t be fighting against it, but I worry that too much focus on abortion will simply hide the fact that this is mostly about partisan politics, which everyone should be against.



  • plume-assassine

    My favorite’s the third image (“Republicans will protect your rights if…”). Sad, but true.


    Real men support reproductive choice. ;)

  • rachel-larris

    Such creativity. I tried to make a sign but I was unhappy with my childish-looking lettering so I contented myself by taking pics of everyone else’s creativity.

  • therealistmom

    I ended up with the Dr. Tiller standby of “Trust Women”. The one I liked most at our rally (Seattle) was “Pretend my uterus is a bank- deregulate and bail out.”

  • crowepps

    Large printing on posterboard is something most people aren’t great at because they don’t do it very often.  My mother was a graphic designer and there are tricks that help.


    Compose your ‘statement’ on the computer in a large font so it fills the ‘page’ and you can figure out how to arrange the words.  Spell check it to prevent embarassment.


    Put your poster board on the dining room table and use a yardstick and a pencil to make the number of light ‘lines’ you’ll need to write on.  Then faintly indicate the letters.  I prefer to use box letters — where you draw an outline of the letter and then fill it in.  The whole sign is now there, very faint, so it’s easy to check out it looks and yet you’re able to ignore mistakes lines and improve at the next step – going over it with a fat marker and filling it in so it’s more legible.

    Tip: the yardstick makes a handy ‘stick’ if you can’t easily get a lathe

    Warning: if your area is humid or it’s likely to sprinkle, do NOT use ‘washable markers’ — they run and smear