Afternoon Roundup: Miscarriage as Murder in Georgia, Working Mothers Make Children Sick – Literally?

Miscarriage, oops, I mean “prenatal murder” in Georgia; Choose Life plates in North Carolina; and according to a new study mothers who work outside the home are actually making our children sick!

  • Georgia Repubican Representative Bobby Franklin, the man who set off a firestorm after proposing a bill that would re-classify rape and stalking victims, in a court of law, as “accusers” (but, curiously, all other crime victims would retain the same classification), is onto his next assault on women and girls. His new bill? HB 1: “Prenatal murder” or making it a crime for the female human body to end a pregnancy, if the government cannot determine a cause for the pregnancy termination. In other words, if I suffer a miscarriage (which I have) and can’t “prove” that I know what the cause was (which, even now in my case, who the hell really knows?), then I can be prosecuted for murder. A longer post is coming because there are too many words needed to describe how offensive and repugnant this is. 
  • Former Kansas Attorney General, Phil Kline, is in front of a panel today on ethics charges. Kline is best known for his campaign against Dr. George Tiller and Planned Parenthood, pursuing a host of criminal charges leveled at both. 
  • “Choose Life” specialty license plates are again being proposed, in a new bill, in the North Carolina legislature. Similar bills have been proposed many times over the years in the state but have never passed. Money from the sale of these plates would go to crisis pregnancy centers – something Planned Parenthood Action Fund for Central North Carolina says is wrong given the misinformation and outright lies many centers disseminate to women who visit.
  • Because I really am just desperate for one more study or article which “proves” that mothers should not dare work outside the home, a new study out of North Carolina shows that children of working mothers are “sicker.” I have not ready the entire paper and even the news release states that there are studies which show just the opposite – that “Previous studies have shown that, on average, children have better health outcomes when the mother works. Those findings have been attributed to factors such as increased income, availability of health insurance and an increase in the mother’s self-esteem.” Still, my favorite two paragraphs below are from the Vancouver Sun article on the study (because, apparently, either fathers or male or female partners cannot possibly prepare healthy meals or clean the house???),

Dr. Melinda Morrill, the N.C. State economics professor who authored the study, warned against making sweeping moral judgments against moms who work outside the home. But she notes that parenting choices involve trade-offs that must be acknowledged.

“Maternal employment imposes a burden on a mother’s time and may result in the poorer supervision or care of her children,” Morrill’s study says. “A child’s health is at least partially a function of time-intensive activities such as healthy meal preparation and house cleaning.”


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  • beenthere72

    OMFG.  I can’t wait for your full piece on this POS legislation from Georgia.   I am stunned by the crap in it.  



    The act of prenatal murder has caused a significant reduction in the number of citizens in this state who would serve as workers, entrepreneurs, teachers, employees, and employers who would have significantly contributed to the prosperity and continuation of this state;

    Social Security.  Lies!


    Such term does not include a naturally occurring expulsion of a fetus known medically as a ‘spontaneous abortion’ and popularly as a ‘miscarriage’ so long as there is no human involvement whatsoever in the causation of such event.


    I exercised excessively early on in my first (unplanned) pregnancy and days later had a miscarriage.  Would that have made me a murder suspect?


    No facility operated on public school property or operated by a public school district and no employee of any such facility acting within the scope of such employee’s employment shall provide any of the following health services to public school students:  distribute contraceptives.


    They want you to get pregnant.


    Said title is further amended by revising Code Section 31-10-1, relating to definitions relative to vital records, by deleting the words “product of human conception” and replacing them with “prenatal human person” in paragraphs (4), (9), and (15); by deleting the words “induced termination of pregnancy” and replacing them with “prenatal murder” in paragraphs (7) and (20); and by deleting the words “an induced termination of pregnancy” and replacing them with “a prenatal murder” in paragraph (15).



    Said title is further amended by repealing in its entirety Chapter 9A, the “Woman’s Right to Know Act.”

    Is that to keep women from learning facts about abortion?

    Oh wait, it’s no longer necessary because the whole point of the legislation is to completely outlaw abortion in the state of Georgia!    


    So are prenatal citizens tax deductible from the moment of conception?

  • equalist

    I am sickened by the prospect that miscarriage could be labeled as murder.  If anything points out the need for all children to experience comphrehensive sex education, it’s the fact that apparently our lawmakers have no idea how rare a thing it is for the body of a human female to actually carry a fetus to term when taking into account all the opportunities for her to do so.  I just wonder where they get this insane idea that as soon as a sperm meets an egg, a teeny, tiny baby, with fully functioning organs, brain, etc, who is fully conscious and sentient is created.  I find the whole thing sad, both for their lack of education and basic knowledge of biology, and the fact that they’re using this lack of knowledge to pass laws governing the bodies of other people.

    The second part of this I wanted to comment on was the part about children of working mothers being sicker.  I find it insulting to both women and men to assume that a woman’s only job should be in the home and that a man is incapable of caring for his children.  Women can be a valuable asset to the workforce, and men can be wonderful caregivers for young children.  My fiance stays home with my daughters, and honestly keeps house and cooks better than I do.  The idea of men as incapable in the home just perpetuates the stereotype and leads to society pushing boys away from domestic pursuits, thus making it harder for women to find men who are willing to enter a relationship as equal partners sharing the duties of the home.

  • arekushieru

    My question is:  Are these ‘prenatal citizens’ now going to be charged with murder when the woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth?  My guess is not, since they don’t care about women, just the contents of her uterus.  Barf.

  • princess-rot

    Oh Bobby Franklin. Why the hell the power-mad moron hasn’t been stripped of office, tarred, feathered and run out of town for wasting everyone’s time, I don’t know. I read about him elsewhere. Apparently he brings up untenable bullshit like this every damn year. I guess he wants more babies born to replace the people killed when he removes the requirement for all driver licensing and firearm permits.


    No, seriously. Google it.

  • beenthere72

    OK.  Um yeah…



    What crazies voted for this man and why hasn’t this man been declared crazy yet?   Serious WTF going on there.    Frightening.