Morning Roundup: Wyoming House Defeats Ultrasound Bill

The Wyoming House defeats an ultrasound bill, making abortion all about men, children in Texas are facing a real emergency, and reclaim the vagina!

  • The Wyoming House of Representatives voted to defeat a bill that would require ultrasounds for women seeking abortions. The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Bob Brechtel, said he wanted women to know the “torture and pain that can be inflicted” during abortion.
  • Abortion – let’s make it about men, says an anti-choice speaker in Colorado whose partners had four abortions. He also says that there is no one to blame but himself – as if he should have supreme control over the women who decided to terminate their pregnancies.
  • As a follow-up from yesterday’s item on Texas Governor Rick Perry declaring mandatory ultrasounds to be an emergency issue in the state, a new study by Texans Care for Children says that the state ranks dead last

    in providing health care coverage and mental health services to children. It comes in last in preventing childhood homelessness, childhood food insecurity and obesity among adolescent girls. The state has the most fatalities from child abuse and neglect and ranks last in per capita spending on child-abuse prevention.

    Now that sounds like an emergency to me.

  • Reclaim the vagina! So says a writer and activist at Oklahoma State University, who reminds us that the very word is still seen as inappropriate to some. So, let’s take her advice and reclaim the power of the vagina– say it aloud sometime today. 

Jan 26

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  • crowepps

    The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Bob Brechtel, said he wanted women to know the “torture and pain that can be inflicted” during abortion.

    So Rep. Brechtel is going INFLICT torture and pain to teach them what it feels like?  Why not just go with ‘tradition’ and whip them through town at the cart’s tail before the abortion?

  • crowepps

    Sure am tired of hearing all about how breast milk is contaminated.  Those same industrial contaminants aren’t any more healthful in small children, teenagers, adults or seniors. 

  • colleen

     Republican lawmakers have an unfortunate tendency to try to codify their sexual fantasies.

  • crowepps

    Mark Bradley Morrow, who got his Bachelor’s in Communication and a Master’s in Counselor, is a Christian Counselor.  He sure doesn’t sound like any counselor I ever talked to.  His speech seems to be a long wallow in sentimentality and based on feeling sorry for himself because he now regrets FOUR abortions that happened because he failed, repeatedly, to be responsible and use birth control.  Because even after the THIRD time preventing unwanted pregnancy apparently still wasn’t his problem.  And now, with no acknowledgement whatsoever of the pain his carelessness and selfishness may have ALSO created for the young women he apparently has discarded, he’s going to recycle those experiences to make a buck by speaking about the tragic emotional pain men suffer when they look back on their youthful stupidity and the agony of not being able to have their cake and eat it too.  I am appalled.

  • plume-assassine

    This guy reminds me of another speaker, name of Theo Purington. He came to my school via Students for Life and I had the pleasure of protesting his event on “Abortion and Men.”

    His girlfriend was set on having an abortion and he did all of these things: 1. delayed her and tried to coerce her by taking her to be lied to at a CPC, 2. called his lawyer to try to stop her and ask about his, get this, “FATHER’S RIGHTS” (they couldn’t do shit for him, thank goodness), 3. called the clinic on the day that she was going to have an abortion to harrass them (they threatened to call the police on him if he called again or came any where near the facility) 4. after she had the abortion, went to a “RETREAT FOR POST-ABORTIVE MEN.” (what the christ.)

    These types of guys utterly ooze an entitlement complex and it makes me sick.

    The best part of his “talk” was during the Q&A period when several dissenters in the audience asked him 1. why he didn’t have a bunch of adopted children, if adoption was so great and 2. if “sidewalk counseling” was actually a euphemism for harrassing women (this from a male member of the audience)