Quality Abortion Care is the Norm, Despite Recent Headlines

This letter was originally written to members of the National Abortion Federation and is reprinted here with permission.

Editor’s note: This article, being republished in April 2013, was originally published by RH Reality Check in 2011 when the details about illegal abortions performed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell first became clear.

The recent arrest of a Philadelphia doctor and his associates has made national headlines and led some women to ask how they can be sure they are choosing a quality abortion provider.

Although stories like this get a lot of media coverage, it’s important that you understand that this particular facility in Philadelphia is an outlier and not typical of the high-quality abortion care provided by NAF members.

The doctor in question, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, was NOT a NAF member. As the Grand Jury Report in this case notes, Gosnell applied for NAF membership in late 2009, but his application was rejected because his facility did not meet NAF’s standards for quality care.

What Does It Mean to be a NAF Member?
In order to become a NAF member, a facility must complete a rigorous application process. Member facilities must comply with our Clinical Policy Guidelines (CPGs), which set the standards for quality abortion care in North America. In fact, the Grand Jury Report states that NAF standards, “are, in many ways, more protective of women’s safety than are the state’s [Pennsylvania] regulations.” NAF conducts site visits to confirm that our members, or any prospective members, are in compliance with our Guidelines, which helps ensure that women receive high-quality abortion care.

Finding a Quality Provider
Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures. Even the Grand Jury Report acknowledges the safety of abortion, and clearly distinguishes between this one facility and the legitimate abortion providers in the state of Pennsylvania.

If you have questions about how to find an abortion provider offering high-quality care, please visit our website or call the NAF Hotline Referral Line (1-877-257-0012). Visit our website to learn more about choosing the right abortion provider.

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  • harry834

    Since summer ’09, I gave $10/month to NAF. Starting next month, it becomes $31/month.

  • progo35

    The Grand Jury’s report, which can be found here, http://www.phila.gov/districtattorney/PDFs/GrandJuryWomensMedical.pdf 

    faults the NAF inspector who denied Gosnell’s application for not reporting Gosnell’s deplorable clinic to the authorities. On page 16, after listing several individuals and organizations that failed to report Gosnell’s behavior, the report reads:

    So too with the National Abortion Federation. NAF is an association of abortion

    providers that upholds the strictest health and legal standards for its members. Gosnell,

    bizarrely, applied for admission shortly after Karnamaya Mongar’s death. Despite his

    various efforts to fool her, the evaluator from NAF readily noted that records were not

    properly kept, that risks were not explained, that patients were not monitored, that

    equipment was not available, that anesthesia was misused. It was the worst abortion

    clinic she had ever inspected. Of course, she rejected Gosnell’s application. She just

    never told anyone in authority about all the horrible, dangerous things she had seen.

    In short, your organization is no better than anyone else involved in this tragic story. NAF wound up hurting women and children by not giving the authorities the tools they needed to shut this man down. Shame on you.

  • goatini

    Do you really think that the State isn’t just trying to cover their collective ass here?


    The FACTS of this case point to the very strong possibility (I would say a probability) of the enabling and facilitating of this criminal enterprise being allowed by a person or persons deeply embedded in the state regulatory boards.  No one gets to run an ILLEGAL practice like the one in question for years and years without powerful enabling from inside the system. 



    And the FACTS of this case, that the initial investigation was about ILLEGAL prescriptions for narcotics, point to the very strong possibility (I would say a probablity) that some or all of the payout for the embedded mole who allowed this ILLEGAL practice to continue unabated was in NARCOTICS?


    All this sanctimonious blather in the grand jury report about PA state medical boards turning a blind eye and deaf ear to these crimes because the state boards were “pro-abortion” is a steaming pile of horse hockey.  NO ONE gets away with this kind of crime for so very long without big-time payola at the deepest levels of the system.  


    The PA criminal doctor had access to piles of unreported CASH and mountains of NARCOTICS.  Rational people looking at crimes of this magnitude continuing unabated for years know the first rule of detective work is FOLLOW THE MONEY.


  • aimeesea

    States are already taking action in efforts to use these deplorable incidents to restrict reproductive healthcare. Maryland wants to reclassify any place that provides an abortion (mostly doctors’ offices and clinics) as a surgical center, something that would lead to even fewer legitimate abortion providers in the state.

    You can write the Maryland legislature and governor to oppose this action here.

  • progo35

    Oh, Gosh, well, we wouldn’t want to classify clinics where SURGERY is performed as “surgical centers.” THAT would be completely illogical! It really angers me that NAF and the people commenting here are willing to let the law look the other way when it comes to abortion clinics, not wanting them to be held to the same legal standards as any other place where surgery is performed. That’s what needs to be done to prevent atrocities like this from occuring. NAF’s conduct indicates that it cared far more about the threat this clinic posed to pro choice laws than actual women who might go there. Yes, I know that NAF employees advised women who consulted with THEM not to go there, but they were completely negligent towards women who did not consult the NAF. Disgusting.

  • eternalskeptic

    That’s because in the NAF mindset, Progo, abortion is more important than women. 


    This poor woman’s death was easily preventable.  But the NAF, as a trade union representing the financial and professional interests of abortionists, has been the frontrunner in opposing the most basic clinic regulations (e.g. ensuring sanitary conditions and confirming that a woman is pregnant before doing the abortion). But, no.  The NAF claims that ensuring women’s safety is “burdensome” and “stigmatizes” abortion.  How much more blood will be on NAF hands before they step up and do what’s best for women?  (And the unborn, of course, but a crushed embryo or fetus is moot, collateral damage to them).  


    Before my post falls prey to this site’s new passive-aggressive censorship policy, I’ll close by pointing out the sweetly ironic juxaposition of two RH “Reality” Check articles. 


    On the one hand, Denvir tells us that these nasty clinics are  the fault of pro-lifers preventing taxpayer funding of abortion.  But that’s a nationwide phenomenon that’s been going on since the days of Henry Hyde.  So you’d think this problem of killing women and babies in unsanitary clinics would be RAMPANT. 


    But rest assured, the NAF is here to say, “There, there, ladies.  (Pat, pat).  No worries.  This is extremely rare.”  (They do inspect their own member clinics, after all ;-) )


    Hmmmm.  You’d think everybody could get together and agree on a spin…. 

  • squirrely-girl

    Yes, I know that NAF employees advised women who consulted with THEM not to go there, but they were completely negligent towards women who did not consult the NAF. Disgusting.


    Oh, Gosh, well, we should definitely blame NAF for not hunting down all the people who didn’t contact them in the first place then! I mean, what the hell were they thinking?! How dare they not hunt down every fertile woman of childbearing age and warn her this place existed?! I mean, the nerve of them!!!!!


    Wake up – NAF can only do so much about a single NON-MEMBER clinic. NAF has enough to do with regard to their own clinics and national efforts as it is. I know this can be hard to understand from the PL/AC side of the aisle, but it’s not the perspective of most people to seek out and “counsel” or harass those who don’t seek them out in the first place. 


    For example, if a dentist doesn’t approve of the practices of another dentist, they can choose to share that info with their clients and they can lodge complaints about that other dentist with the appropriate authorities/regulators if necessary, but they generally don’t have the right (or the time and energy considering they have a real job) to lodge full scale attacks against that dentist ala ad campaigns and staging demonstrations outside the other dentist’s office. 


    NAF, just like most organizations, rely on federal, state, and local regulators to DO THEIR DAMN JOBS and regulate these industries. Blaming a private organization for not regulating non-members or doing the state’s job for them is outright ignorant and inflammatory. 

  • progo35

    SG-NAF did not need to “hunt down” all the women who did not contact them. All they needed to do was make a simple phone call to the authorities. You know this.

  • crowepps

    held to the same legal standards as any other place where surgery is performed. That’s what needs to be done to prevent atrocities like this from occuring.

    This was an ILLEGAL CLINIC which did not follow ANY of the rules at all, as the teenage anesthesist should make clear.  Having more expensive requirements for legal clinics would have made it MORE LIKELY this clinic would exist.  Women went to this man because he was CHEAPER.  The more extraneous, frivolous nonsense is piled onto legal clinics, mandatory counseling scripts that have to be read by the DOCTOR him/herself, waiting periods, unnecessary ultrasounds, reading scripts while the ultrasound is viewed, and the higher the price climbs to cover all that, the more POPULAR illegal clinics will become because they will be CHEAPER.


    ProLife activists and their inability to grasp the reality that women will have abortions no matter what make these clinics PROFITABLE and the more money that is involved, the more likely it is greedy people will go for it.

    Yes, I know that NAF employees advised women who consulted with THEM not to go there, but they were completely negligent towards women who did not consult the NAF.

    This is just a really interesting theory — NAF fulfilled their duty to the people who consulted them but failed in their duty toward people they’d never heard of because what?  They should have bombed the place?  Isn’t that the preferred solution from YOUR side of the issue?  Sounds to me like the ProLife organizations were completely negligent; they keep bragging how their picketing and lawsuits shut down clinics.  Didn’t they have a duty to shut this one down?  Why were they bombing and burning the wrong places and shooting the wrong people?

  • goatini

    that the “authorities” were indeed contacted, repeatedly. I think that a persons or persons deeply embedded in state agencies were on the take from this criminal doctor. He had access to piles of unreported CASH and mountains of NARCOTICS.

    I find it at the very least, hard to believe, and actually, completely ludicrous, that a state board had some kind of hands-off policy re abortion clinics. Hell, the states demanded that elective abortion services be evicted OUT of health care facilities and hospitals in the first place – I’d call that VERY hands-on. I think the prosecution is in overdrive trying to cover the state’s ass as to the REAL reason why such a criminal enterprise could go on, undisturbed, for so very long.

    “Egads, now we REALLY have to prosecute him… how can we twist it, so that the blame for this illegal charnel house staying in business for so very long can look like it rests with those abortion doctors and facilities that we’ve been trying to hound out of town for decades? It’s not gonna look good if we have to implicate the insiders who were on the take from the doc!”

    “Yeah, I see your point. Well, the abortion doctors and clinics have been made powerless to speak out on anything, they’ve been marginalized by fear of being harassed, bombed and murdered. We can say whatever the state wants us to say. No one will ever believe the doctors and clinic staff.”

  • progo35

    The report SAID that NAF DIDN’T contact the authorities. By what information do you believe that NAF contacted the authorities 

    (as in the state medical board/the police “repeatedly?”)  Moreover, NAF was not the focus of the grand jury’s report. It was simply mentioned that a representative of NAF saw the clinic, noted the conditions, and failed to report them to the authorities. This was the case with several organizations, and NAF was not singled out as THE ONE AGENCY at fault. So, what you’re saying about the report simply
    “spinning” this as being about abortion is totally out of whack.

  • churchmouse

    This guy was cheaper?

    Well…..gee I thought abortion was safer than childbirth…that abortion was an easy procedure.

    Do you think it is easy to shut a place down? haha

    I tell ya what…you pro-aborts sure love to blame..you just do not believe in personal responsiblity do you?

    And if we would have shut the place down….you who embrace killing and champion the dismemberment of a living human being would have been all over us.

    You people are so ignorant….you have no clue, you simply believe what you read. And PP does not want this case or anyother one like it in the news. I am surprised it has gotten the attention it has gotten. Killing at any price is what PP stands for. At least this doctor killed babies….its collateral damage that the woman died in the process. This gives abortion a bad, dark name……that is not want pro-aborts want.

    They want a clean and cheerful clinic with attractive furniture and happy people doing what they do best.

    Every go undercover into abortion mills?

    You have no clue…..

  • churchmouse

    The reason they left hospitals because..hospitals try to save patients not kill them. Abortion is the dark side of medicine and most hospitals do not want to be associated with it. Abortion is not regular medicine. Life in the abortion community is totally different than in the medical community.

    How many people do you think thank their abortionist?

    You talk about external conflicts…..doctors suffer internal ones as well.


     Life Dynamics, posing as a pro-choice organization called Project Choice, sent a survey to 961 doctors who do abortions as their primary business. Having received a large response, it can be considered reliable. Among others, questions were asked regarding the way abortionists perceive their place within the broader medical community:


    69% felt they were not respected by the rest of the medical community

    65% felt ostracized for doing abortions

    61% have been verbally confronted by a pro-life physician

    60% feel their prestige has been damaged because they do abortions

    51% feel isolated from the medical community for doing abortions

    19% have been denied hospital privileges because they perform abortions

    If people are so for abortion…why is this true?


     Abortionist Warren Hern once observed, “Increasingly doctors have been made to deal irrelevant. Feminist abortion clinics treat doctors like technicians and are especially contemptuous of male physicians. Entrepreneurs who treat abortion strictly as a retail business also tend to treat doctors as technicians. Doctors who perform abortions have usually acquiesced in these roles, and their status has plummeted lower than that of physicians who do insurance company examinations.”

     New York Times 3/13/93

    Additionally, separating abortion clinics from mainstream medicine had increased the natural stigma surrounding abortion. Alexander Sanger, president of Planned Parenthood of New York City, pointed out that, “Back in the early 70’s, Planned Parenthood led the fight to get abortions to be done in outpatient clinics, and it seemed like a good idea at the time, a way of providing easy access to good, cheap care….But it turns out that it has led to a stigmatization of abortion, as something most doctors opt out of.

    New York Times, 3/22/92



    The view that abortionists are the black sheep of the medical community appears to be pretty universal, even among abortion supporters. An Ohio medical student observed, “There’s a real stigma on physicians who provide abortion. It almost like: They do abortions. They don’t do real medicine.”


    S. G. White, “Under the Gunn,” Hartford Advocate, 4/15/93


    A Birmingham Alabama, physician told an Atlanta newspaper that “the majority of abortionists are seen by their peers as not able to do well in other areas of medical practice, so they gravitate toward abortions for the money.”



    Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 5/16/93


    This sums it up….in regards to clinics.

    A Newsweek article about teenage sexual habits in the 1990s points out that high standards are not exactly expected of abortionists. “Access (to abortion) was rarely a problem: every big city and most college towns had a clinic or at least an abortion doctor, and if he wasn’t Marcus Welby, well at least he had an office.


    Michele Ingrassia, “Virgin Cool,” Newsweek, 10/17/94


    We don’t care who does the abortion……….just kill it.


  • goatini

    and it pretty much sets forth the statement that the reason this criminal enterprise was able to go on for so long unabated, was a supposed long-standing unwritten policy for medical boards to turn a blind eye to clinics providing abortion services, due to some kind of political pressure brought to bear by the all-powerful feminist Left.

    As Judge Judy says, “If it doesn’t make sense, then it’s not true.”

  • arekushieru

    But saving women’s (y’know, the actual patients’) lives isn’t considered medicine or hospital work?  Their mental health, agency, emotions, wishes, wants, needs or desires are unimportant to you, even if they lead to their deaths, aren’t they?  The right to life cannot be inalienable.  If a fetus has an inalienable right to life, then its life must be protected at all cost, and the woman’s life is disregarded.  Thus, she does not have an inalienable right to life.  Too bad, so sad.

    Actually, many do. 

    Um, it doesn’t ALways come down to who has the larger numbers.  Sometimes it just comes down to who screams the loudest.  You do know that, right?

    Proof, please.

    Um, that doesn’t make any sense.  How could a legal medical procedure be affected by the length of time it takes to do it?

    Abortion IS real medicine.  Otherwise, pregnancy care isn’t real medicine.

    Ob/gyns perform abortions.  And pregnancy is FAR more expensive than abortion.  So, if they were in their profession for the money, the Ob/gyn practice would cause less stigmatization and keep them even MORE financially well off.  SO sorry.

    Again, proof, please.

    See above.  Also, NOT killing.

  • arekushieru

    You who embrace killing of women and ACTual human beings, while protesting the death of a fetal clump of cells, have NO argument when it comes to closing clinics down.  I would have thought that anti-choicers like yourself would have at least wanted to PRETEND you cared about women, that you wouldn’t have wanted it bruited about that you are glad to see these ‘evil, whorish, wimmens who dared to escape their punishment for having non-procreative sex are dying’.

    Oh, we believe in personal responsibility.  We believe in EQUAL responsibility, after all.  Those who love to distribute the disproportionate share of responsibility to women are NOT discussing responsibility, but punishment, OBviously.

    Abortion is safer than childbirth, which is why real, medical doctors, wouldn’t charge more for an abortion than they would pregnancy and childbirth care but it is also surgery and accrues all the financial costs that other surgeries would.

    97% of PP’s services do NOT include abortion.  DUH.  Collateral damage?  Wow, your opinion of women really shines through, doesn’t it?  Abortion ISn’t killing, and I am not ProAbortion.  When you call me ProAbortion, you lump me in with the anti-choice folks such as yourself (and Hitler.  Mentioned him because you LIKE to throw his name around).

    If PP is an abortion mill, it’s even MORE of a pregnancy mill.  Obvious lack of logic is STILL obvious.

  • romantic

    Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures. Even the Grand Jury Report acknowledges the safety of abortion; i work at lenjerie intima and clearly distinguishes between this one facility

  • cmarie

    Here’s another article on the subject http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110123/ap_on_re_us/us_abortion_clinic_investigation_8

    Regarding him being cheaper.  It just doesn’t make sense.  I’m hardly a fan of Planned Parenthood but its obvious that they turned many of Gosnell’s patients away becase they were too far advanced in pregnancy for an abortion.  If these women had been within the legal limit for abortion, they would have had them at regulated clinics and paid through their insurance or medicaid.  Gosnell couldn’t charge insurance companies or medicaid because he would have to document what he was charging for and how advanced the pregnancy was.  That certainly explains why he was charging cash.  People went there because he would do an abortion regardless of how advanced the pregnancy was ….. certainly not because he was “cheaper”.

  • churchmouse

    Blood on your hands……….

  • churchmouse

    Yes, this womans life was preventable and SO WAS THE CHILD SHE WAS CARRYING. She was pregnant for a late term baby…which meant the baby was viable and could have easily survived.

    There was one murder here and neglect on the womans part….because she consented to surgery. The childs death was premeditated….the womans was not.

    NAF knows this goes on all over the country. How one can blame pro-lifers for this is beyond me. Denvir implies that abortions even late term ones should be legal and allowed in all abortion facilities.

    Unsanitary clinics are rampant…….and more women die than you think.

    Last year PP closed over 38 clinics because more and more women are choosing life for their unborns.

    I have prayed at clinics that were filthy on the outside and inside, in areas of cities you can’t even believe.   

  • cmarie

    Also here’s another article with a picture of the clinic.  I agree with gotini on this.  This was enabled by someone with the state regulatory boards.  Just look at the picture.  They had to have been getting calls on this place every day!




  • churchmouse

    Fetal clump of cells……wow

    Did you know that you were once a clump and you are posting here to tell about it. You were allowed life…and now you post against other living humans attaining your status.

    We do not  want women to die but we do not want children to die either.

    You do NOT BELIEVE in personal responsibility, not at all. You believe and champion that killing a living human life is a right and privledge to be celebrated. Life is meaningless to you and you know it…but you jump around hoops trying to separate yourself with terms and words that really make yourself look inhuman. Your position however is inhuman. It goes against science and religion.


    As for the cost of abortion….. Abortion is really a cheap surgery. It is a bit more costly if you want to sleep while the killing is done.  It is cheaper than getting one veener or getting teeth cleaned with xrays.


    The collateral damage comment was meant for your side. For you the cost of abortion in all aspects is worth the lives taken each year to keep abortion legal and available to all women. 

    That is why PP and NARAL do not try to close clinics like this…they just want cases like this to go away.

    Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion mill in the country and the world. They kill more babies than any place else. Abortion is a huge source of income for them.

    The woman who will abort at a PP clinic will also get other services as well…such as, pregnancy test, Rh testing, ultrasound, STD test, HPV vaccine. Most women go home with birth control. So all this should be counted under the abortion column but it isn’t. Abortion has made them billions of dollars. So your 97% stat does not really reflect the truth. 

    They make more money from abortion than any other service. Abortion keeps their doors open, even though they might give our more birth control.


    I mention Hitler and Sanger because they hated life and their mentality is that of what pro-aborts is.

    They hated children and they were pro-choice and acted on it. They targeted women and minorities especially Jews and Blacks. Choice in many circumstances is bad. You call me antichoice…fine I am antichoice about abortion. IN THE CASE OF ABORTION I MOARN CHOICE. Choice means a living human being…innocent one at that dies.

    I celebrate womanhood and part of that is the ability to give life to the children we bear. Our bodies were not made for abortion but to GIVE life.




  • goatini

    that I have never had before in the 40 years that I have been a reproductive health care freedom fighter.

    Your rational analysis of the causes of WHY this criminal enterprise was allowed to continue unabated for so very long, was untainted by the State’s attempt in the grand jury papers to assign blame on a non-existent tacit agreement of some sort with repro health care workers and facilities.

    I congratulate you on your willingness to come here and state the obvious – that such a blatantly criminal enterprise could only be enabled from within by a person or persons within the regulatory agencies themselves.

  • goatini

    and Hitler outlawed abortion for females of the Master Race.

    It just makes you look silly when you pound all this hysterical over-the-top rhetoric.

    cmarie, a long-time poster here who is an anti, agrees with me that in the case of this particular criminal enterprise, the enablers are embedded deep within the state regulatory system itself. Anyone with common sense can discern this. The criminal doctor had access to piles of unreported cash and mountains of narcotics. Someone inside the system was on the take. There is NO OTHER WAY this charnel house could have continued for so very long.

  • goatini

    you just pulled this one out of your rear aperature – what a load of hysterical non-fact:

    The reason they left hospitals because..hospitals try to save patients not kill them. Abortion is the dark side of medicine and most hospitals do not want to be associated with it. Abortion is not regular medicine. Life in the abortion community is totally different than in the medical community.

  • churchmouse

    Lets face it….woman have been getting pregnant since the beginning of time. And most of the women go through the nine months of pregnancy do not encounter any problems whatsoever. Most of their babies are born without any medical assistance at all. Having a baby is normal and natural. When there are complications both mother and baby usually come out ok. Less than 1% of ALL ABORTIONS are done because the mothers health is an issue. Ninety nine percent of woman march in abortion clinics healthy and wanting to abort their healthy babies. That is fact. So don’t tell me that health is an issue. Two lives walk into an abortion mill…………ONE COMES OUT.

    For those who have hearts…abortion is dark medicine. Abortion clinics are shutting down because abortion is dark. PP is scrambling around worried about the future of abortion…because abortion is dark. More physicians do not consider doing abortions…..because it is dark and it goes against the very nature of their jobs. Abortion is dark and everyone associated with it are dark.

    Pregnancy care does not have anything to do with abortion. Abortion kills…pregnancy care takes the mother and child into consideration.

    Pregnancy is more expensive?

    Well wow…….lets kill babies because they cost money. Do you also advocate killing our children in adolescence because they are too expensive?

    Most doctors do not want to be associated with abortion and more and more clinics are shutting down because less and less doctors want to perform them. That is fact.

    Look in the phone book and tell me how many Gyn/OB advertise that they do abortions? If they do they do not advertise it….for all the obvious reasons.

    Abortion is killing a living human being…there is nothing potential about the life.

    What is the goal of every abortion procedure? 


  • churchmouse

    Another pro-abort who feels the need to start calling names…….sigh

    What I stated is the truth.


  • goatini

    And you would know about “filthy… inside” HOW?

    PS, Comparing Planned Parenthood to this criminal enterprise is like comparing a legitimate plastic surgery practice to someone injecting people with industrial grade silicone in their kitchen.

  • churchmouse

    You pro-aborts will focus on this one clinic….and will be shocked again, when in a month or so another doctor, another clinic will appear.

    This goes on all over the country.

    Oh yes abortion is safe…and nothing ever happens to the woman who get them. LOL

    Move your smoke screens……..

  • goatini

    Lets face it….woman have been getting pregnant since the beginning of time. And most of the women go through the nine months of pregnancy do not encounter any problems whatsoever. Most of their babies are born without any medical assistance at all. Having a baby is normal and natural. When there are complications both mother and baby usually come out ok.

  • goatini

    between truth and opinion, you don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

  • carolyninthecity

    Do you understand why it is that abortion doctors get no respect? It’s not because there’s something inherently wrong with performing abortions, it’s because anti-choicers are bullies. All of you. 

    It’s because of anti-choice rhetoric that doctors feel ostracized. It’s because anti-choicers are the meanest and the loudest. 


    Abortion doctors are real doctors, they go to medical school just like all the rest of them. But they make a choice to specialize in something controversial because they know how much it’s needed. Even though that choice might lead to verbal and physical attacks, having their clinics blown up or being assassinated like Dr. Tiller almost 2 years ago now. Thanks for that by the way. One more brave doctor gone because of your propaganda and lies. I honestly don’t know how you people sleep at night. 

  • rebellious-grrl

    It’s Sunday morning shouldn’t you be at church praying for the “unborn”? For someone who judges me for being online you are spending a lot of online time here. 

  • goatini

    performing illegal repro health medical procedures and dispensing illegal scripts for narcotics?

    I mean, since you’re predicting “another doctor, another clinic” in a month, it stands to reason that based on your logic, there must have been 1,924 of them by now, at the very least.

  • rebellious-grrl

    And for just as long, birth control and abortion have existed. For thousands of years women have worked to control their fertility. “In ancient times, Cyrenne, a colony in northern Africa, exported large amounts the silphium plant to Greece, Rome, India, and Egypt. It was prized as a contraceptive and abortive herb! Silphium’s heart-shaped seed was pictured on the coins of Cyrenne. It was said to be a “gift from Apollo and worth its weight in silver!” Cyrenne became rich from it’s cultivation. Within 600 years, it was over-harvested and driven to extinction.” http://4000yearsforchoice.com/4000/week-4-love-silphium/


    Doctors have left the field of providing abortion care because their lives are being threatened. Or in the case of Dr. Tiller, murdered.



  • rebellious-grrl

    And you are getting defensive when we call you out on your lies.

  • ahunt

    Did you know that you were once a clump and you are posting here to tell about it. You were allowed life…and now you post against other living humans attaining your status


    Indeed….the world would have ceased turning if wonderful, marvelous, fabulous ME had had been flushed by the 8th week of gestation. Who knew?

  • churchmouse

    I know people who go undercover. I know what they see and what is sometimes reported that the publi does not hear about. You pro-aborts dont believe anything. So unless it goes to the front pages of the news….and is reported by the mainstream media, nothing means anything to you and any information is dismissed as being false.

    And because people settle out of court a lot is not reported to protect both doctor and patient.



  • eternalskeptic

    And that’s what gets me about this blog post.  An NAF official (one of Saporta’s own!) saw the horrors and abuses and chose not to act.  And now Saporta has the sheer gall to post here trumpeting her organization!  The NAF does NOT owe women these vapid words of damage control. They owe us a public apology. 

  • progo35

    To be fair, I am very willing to believe that most doctors who perform abortions do so because they care about women and are skilled in the provision of obgyn servies. My father is a dentist and a very skilled one, and it would be unfair to impune  his work based on the conduct of Joe Schmoe dentist down the street. However, regardless of the contention surrounding it, abortion is a form of surgery and it ought to be recognized and regulated as such.

  • goatini

    And now, Progo35 comes forth with a rational, compassionate assessment of the true mission of physicians who provide reproductive health care services.


    Today, cmarie and Progo35 have both given me tenuous hope that there may be some way for a common ground to be found.  


    Thank you, Progo, for your kindness in publicly recognizing that these doctors truly care about and want to help women.  

  • colleen

    Today, cmarie and Progo35 have both given me tenuous hope that there may be some way for a common ground to be found. 

    I held out that hope for some time too.

  • bj-survivor

    This whole thing makes me sick and sad to the core. Uneducated women duped. Women negligently killed. Neonates cold-bloodedly murdered…No one should have to endure such degradation and evil.


    This is why I do not want abortion to ever be outlawed, why I want first-trimester abortion to be publicly funded, because the alternative is that such practices will become the norm for every marginalized and poor woman. Women of adequate means, such as myself, will always be able to access safe abortions and contraceptives, as it is every day all over the world in every forced-gestation country. I am well aware of my privilege. And it infuriates me that an ever-smaller proportion of women do not have any real right to their very own bodies. Basic human rights should not be dependent upon one’s affluence.

  • churchmouse

    Surely you can not compare an abortionist with a Dentist.

    Abortionists kill living human creatures for a living. That surgery is not like any other in the world.

    The fact is for every abortion done…it includes three people….the woman the unborn and the abortionist. While we talk at lengths about the womans rights, the fact that the unborn has no rights….we never really focus in on the abortionist.

    What motivates him to do what he does?

    Money, power?

    What does abortion do to the people it touches?


    Charlotte Taft, the former administrator of a Dallas abortion clinic, says, “Abortion providers are isolated. We haven’t done a very good job of making the physicians who work with us really feel connected….They’re isolated in terms of the medical field, because, as you well know, its been marginalized as a sub-specialty of gynecology….and then there’s the social isolation that happens when someone is scared to tell what they do…..These guys are pitiful.”  (Interview with Charlotte Taft by Jane Reynolds of Project Choice. Jane Reynolds was a pseudonym for a LDI employee)


    Abortionist David Zbaraz told to Washington Post, “It’s a nasty, dirty, yucky thing and I always come home angry.” the article went on to say that, “on those days when he performs an abortion, his wife can tell as soon as he walks in the door.”  

    Washington Post 3/3/80

    Sallie Tisdale, a nurse in an abortion clinic writes, “There are weary, grim moments when I think I cannot bear another basin of bloody remains, utter another kind phrase of reassurance….’How can I stand it?’ even the clients ask. They see the machine, the strange instruments, the blood, the final stroke that wipes away the promise of pregnancy. Sometimes I see that too: I watch a woman’s swollen abdomen sink to softness in a few stuttering moments and my own belly flip-flops with sorrow.”

    Sallie Tisdale, “We Do Abortions Here,” Harper’s Magazine.

    In a New York Times editorial, Dr. Susan Conde said, “I observed during my medical training as an Australian physician many abortions by experienced practitioners. They experienced without exception, physical revulsion and moral bewilderment.”

    New York Times, 10/19/94

    In a New York Times editorial, Dr. Susan Conde said, “I observed during my medical training as an Australian physician many abortions by experienced practitioners. They experienced without exception, physical revulsion and moral bewilderment.”

    New York Times, 10/19/94

    One abortionist confessed, “As a physician I’m trained to conserve life and here I am destroying life….I guess I feel guilty because according to the Hippocratic oath you’re not supposed to do abortions. So how could you be trained and raised one way and suddenly  be told it ok to do it?” He went on to talk about his experience with saline abortions and the fact that the fetus moves around before the injection, thrashes around immediately after it, but then the movement ceases: “You know that there is something alive in there that you’re killing.”

    Magda Denes, In Necessity and Sorrow, New York: Basic Books, Inc..

    There are also studies that have been done to show that the abortion business leaves a toll on everyone.


    Researchers Constance Nathanson and Marshall Becker observed, “Some studies have suggested that some physicians experience considerable personal disturbances over the abortion procedure itself.”

    Nathanson and Becker’s own study found that 41.8% of Maryland Ob/Gyns who support the Roe v Wade ruling are often or sometimes disturbed by abortion. Of those who are disturbed, 37.1% admit that the disturbance is severe or moderate.

    Constance A. Nathanson and Marshall H. Becker, “The Influence of Physicians’ Attitudes on Abortion performance, Patient Management and Professional Fees,” Family Planning Perspectives, July/August 1977

    A study of 130 San Francisco abortion clinic workers conducted between January 1984 and March 1985 found that 77% of them see abortion as a destructive act against a living thing, and 18% actually talked about it as murder. The study’s author stated, ”Particularly striking was the fact that discomfort with abortion clients or procedures was reported by practioners who strongly supported abortion rights and expressed strong commitment to their work. This preliminary finding suggested that even those who supported a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy may be struggling with an important tension between their formal beliefs and the situated experience of their abortion work. “

    Kathleen M. Roe, “Private Troubles and Public Issues,” Social Science and Medicine, Vol.29,No. 10

    The D&E procedure meets a lot of resistance by abortionists, with the head of obstetrics at a Philadelphia teaching hospital admitting that they are “far more ’psychologically traumatizing’ for doctors….I can’t do them anymore.” 

    Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/18/93

    In a paper presented to Planned Parenthood conference, Dr. Warren Hern reported a intense emotional reaction from his staff after D&E operations. These included “physiological symptoms, sleep disturbances, effect on personal relationships, and moral anguish.” He observed that the staff’s reactions to the fetus ranged from refusal to look, dismay, and amazement, to disgust, fear and sadness. The abortionist admitted that the procedure also caused him problems, saying, “The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electrical current.”

    Warren Hern and Billie Corrigan, “What About Us? Staff Reactions to the D&E Procedure,” presented at a meeting of the Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians, San Diego

    Bruce Stier came under attack because it was known that he would be performing abortions. He recalls that one day shortly after the Roe decision, as he was scrubbing up, a colleague standing next to him asked, “So Bruce, how many babies are you going to kill today?

     San Francisco Chronicle 3/22/93


















  • progo35

    Thank you, goatini. I should clarify that I feel NAF should have reported their findings, but I by no means meant to imply that NAF was the only organization at fault-clearly the Penn Board of Health didn’t do anything about the complaints that were filed. But all this is why abortion clinics need to be treated as surgery centers and subject to the same kinds of inspections.

  • progo35

    Speaking of common ground, is it possible that abortion providers/supporters and opponents can have the kind of relationship descibed here?: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FriendlyEnemy

  • progo35


  • progo35