Morning Roundup: PP of the Heartland Can Continue Telemed Abortions

An Ohio abortion ban may be on the way, Rep. Pence explains his ludicrous Title X legislation, regular screenings essential to early detection of cervical cancer, NYC school chief under fire for flippant remark on birth control, and the Iowa Board of Medicine will not sanction PP of the Heartland for telemed abortions.

  • Ohio is poised to ban abortion after 24 weeks, 22 weeks with a “viability” test, with an exception for only a woman’s physical health. The bill will explicitly state that a woman’s mental health may not be taken into consideration.
  • Rep. Mike Pence explains his reasoning for introducing legislation that would ban organizations that provide abortion from receiving Title X family planning funds. Let me summarize; he’s totally not against family planning (yeah, right), he just has a visceral hatred of Planned Parenthood. Also, it’s a “moral issue.”
  • Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, and can be detected early by regular screenings. (January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.)
  • New York City Schools Chancellor Cathy Black is in hot water with some constituents, after saying the answer to school overcrowding is, “Can we just have some birth control for a while? It could really help us all out.” The Chancellor’s spokesperson has called it an “off-color joke.”
  • The Iowa Board of Medicine will not sanction Planned Parenthood of the Heartland for its telemedicine services that provide medical abortion by webcam in offices where abortion is not typically offered. Operation Rescue has asked the Board of Medicine to investigate. OR has an ally in State Rep. Matt Windschitl, who “said he plans to introduce a bill that would ban telemedicine abortions. The Missouri Valley Republican said his ultimate aim is to block abortions in general, but he said he wants to ensure safety in the meantime.”

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  • crowepps

    Wouldn’t it be a little difficult for the Iowa Board of Medicine to sanction PP for providing an entirely legal service?

  • arekushieru

    Oh, yeah, but the ‘mental health’ of the fetus must ALways be given due consideration. 

    So: Visceral hatred of PP = moral issue…?  Umm, how does that make sense when PP reDUCes the rate of abortions that he contests so highly?  Is his visceral hatred of PP for THOSE services, ALso a moral issue?

  • beenthere72

    in the boston herald article about the SC anti-abortion rally:


    —A bill requiring health-care providers not be held liable if they do not provide a service — including abortion — if they disagree on moral grounds


    re: the Kentucky proposal to drug test welfare recipients.  I have to say that I agree with that.   

  • crowepps

    Drug tests generally produce false-positive results in 5 percent to 10 percent of cases and false negatives in 10 percent to 15 percent of cases, new research shows.

    It is estimated that approximately 7% of Americans use illegal drugs.


    The false positives just about equal the amount of actual users.  Once a positive test result was received, the person reviewing it could as easily flip a coin to find out if the person was ‘guilty’ or ‘innocent’.


    Drug testing for welfare recipients only makes sense if you assume that far more welfare recipients than ‘average’ people use illegal drugs and there’s no evidence that I know of that that’s true.  In addition, generally speaking nobody tests for alcohol because it’s legal, and alcohol is far more likely to keep someone from holding down employment (and taking good care of children) than the most commonly used illegal drugs.


    Considering the ways things have been going and the quality of laws that they are producing, perhaps instead we need to pass a law that anyone who wants to be elected to a political job has to agree to a contractual agreement not to drink alcohol or do drugs as a condition of the job and then we could test the legislators.

  • beenthere72

    I was actually hoping you’d weigh in on this and I welcome your reply.   Very good points.

  • crowepps

    It’s my experience that in the absence of any connection with ‘public safety’ (bus or taxi drivers/armed cops/long haul truckers) as a general rule people support drug testing when they’re talking about inflicting it on inferiors.  Everybody’s all hot to test student athletes or kids who drop out of school, but calls to test teachers or school administrators are rejected out of hand.


    It would sure be nice if it were possible to do some values-free testing of excatly what the effects of various drugs are in reality, and which ones create cognitive and physical reaction problems, and then promote the safer stuff and ban the stuff that really, truly causes ill effects (like Tylenol & NyQuil- how’s YOUR liver?).  Unfortunately here the Puritans still rule.


    To the proponents of ZERO TOLERANCE, it is not about ‘drugs will hurt you’ but rather ‘people can’t be allowed to use drugs to make their lives feel less unbearable because they should be ‘motivated to change’.  Change into what is never specified by the anti-pleasure squad, who seem to really get off on having the power to perpetuate pain and then blame the victim for his suffering.

  • arekushieru

    My liver is just fine!  Although, I rarely take Tylenol and NyQuil.  Tylenol just doesn’t work that well, for me (I prefer Ibuprofen or Advil) and NyQuil has a funny taste.  My mom takes both fairly often but it isn’t her liver that’s affected.  It’s her kidneys and adrenal glands.

    I think alcohol/drugs should be regulated at the point they have a high likelihood of leading the alcohol/drug user to harm someone else (who is not already affecting them, in turn, of course).  Which is why such testing is needed.

  • purplemistydez
  • Obamacare’s baby death panels, Part 2 –

    Lol.  Chuck Norris telling women what to do with their bodies.  The title alone made me laugh.

  • purplemistydez


  • Black Pro-Lifers Fight NY Pregnancy Center Bill – Afro American

    The pro-lifers are actually supporting lying to pregnant women.  Women should have all the information including if a pregnancy center has no licensed medical staff.  Apparently women are idiots to pro-lifers and need to be saved even by deception.