Morning Roundup: The Vagina Dance

Pregnant woman bounced from a bar for being pregnant, pro-choice concerns over the filibuster, Exhale’s work with women, and yes, the vagina dance.

  • A pregnant woman was asked to leave a bar in Illinois, despite the fact that she was drinking water and just wanted to eat pizza. Michelle Lee, who went out with some girlfriends, was asked by a bouncer if she was pregnant, and then told that she needed to leave because if “anything happened to you here, we would be responsible.” Hmm, isn’t that true of all patrons, gestating or not? And the point of insurance?
  • Pro-choice organizations are expressing concern over the possibility of filibuster changing rules in the Senate. From Politico, “’Our main concern is that traditionally, out of the filibuster, an automatic 60-vote threshold has emerged on abortion isues,’ said the staffer, noting that as a matter of informal Senate rules, no abortion-related bill or amendment proceeds without that supermajority support.” With an anti-choice legislation likely to come out of the House this Congress, the supermajority will be necessary to protect women’s rights.
  • Exhale’s work with the MTV special No Easy Decision was profiled in the New York Times, with a special emphasis on how the organization is neither pro-choice or pro-life, but exists to help women.
  • And, a special Friday exercise for you – what do you think of when you hear the words “the vagina dance?” Apparently an Illinois sex education teacher made up a rhyme with the parts of the female anatomy, to the tune of the Hokey Pokey, as a mnemonic device. A parent got upset, because he felt the teacher forced his son to participate, taking away “appropriate modesty.” Students in the class and the school say that it was not, in fact, an actual dance, just called that by some of the kids – not the teacher.

Jan 13

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  • crowepps

    Went and read this article but I’m having a little trouble figuring out just exactly what happened that outraged this young man’s modesty.  Was it the fact that the teacher raised her arms?  Was it the fact that the class was talking about, gasp, BODIES and she has a, gasp, BODY?  Was it the fact that the teacher blatantly said, OUT LOUD, the name of female body parts and expected the students to remember them?  Or was it the fear that he might be expected to ‘dance’ and ‘prance’, an action which might destroy his masculinity and force him to join teh gay?

  • rebellious-grrl

    I don’t get it either. What’s the problem with the “vagina dance?”

    I did have to laugh when I saw the name “vagina dance.” I immediately thought of Kegel exercises for better sex.

  • crowepps


    This article is kind of flip and breezy, but boy howdy, the COMMENTS are just really something!

  • beenthere72

    Wow, some of those comments are priceless.  


    My mother cried when I said I didn’t want to have any kids.    And my husband envisions himself the kind of old man that sits on his front porch yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn, so he had himself cut after his first and only (unplanned) child.  


    I have an ex that was also cut but somehow managed to impregnate the girlfriend after me.   I really don’t believe it’s his, but I guess they’ve proved it is.    Why anybody would want to reproduce with this loser is beyond me.  He signed off on his first kid and owes thousands on his second, and even jokes that there is another out there ‘somewhere’.  


    I didn’t realize that PP does vasectomies.   They should advertise that better.  LOL.

  • cc

    As this is the birthday, of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Stanek has the obligatory Planned Parenthood is genociding black babies, yadda, yadda, yadda. I posted a section of King’s acceptance speech for an award given to him by Planned Parenthood. Stanek’s folks claim that King was anti-Planned Parenthood and that’s why his wife delivered the speech. They base this revisionist history on comments made by the rabidly anti-choice niece of King, Alveda King. One of the gang, Dr. Gerard Nadal (total condescending misogynist) claimed that Alveda King told him – are ya ready for it – that Planned Parenthood actually wrote the speech. So MLK, Jr. would allow a deceit to be perpetrated by a speech that he allowed somebody else to write.

    This is an incredible insult to the memory of Dr. King. Have these people no shame?! 

  • crowepps

    Have these people no shame?!



    To understand, you have to get into the ‘my beliefs are laws of nature’ mindset.  Every decent person and especially every decent Christian OBVIOUSLY would agree with Jill 100%.  Martin Luther King was an especially decent and honored Christian person therefore MLK OBVIOUSLY would have the same opinions as Jill.  If there isn’t any evidence that he did, in fact if there is evidence that is the EXACT OPPOSITE then that MUST be because SOMEBODY was conspiring to hide ‘the truth’ from him/conspiring to misstate his views but no evidence can or will be found because, hey, conspiracy!


    At the end point of this chain of logic, IF the conspiracy had not fooled MLK, then OBVIOUSLY he would have agree with Jill’s views and so at that point Jill is completely JUSTIFIED in salvaging his reputation by telling people what he woulda/shoulda said IF he had known what Jill knows and thought what Jill thought and arrived at the conclusions Jill arrived at.


    Disrespectful?  Not so much.  Totally delusional?  Oh, YEAH!


    Actually, it’s kind of sad that Alveda King has to make a living by letting people to pay her to talk about how young Black women are stupid/immoral and need ‘their betters’ to prevent them from making mistakes/tell them what to do.   At her level of eloquence, I really don’t think anybody would pay her a penny except that she can use her relationship to Dr. King to hook her appearances to his legacy and leech off his reputation.

  • princess-rot

    Wow, perhaps Feministe should have held their Next Top Troll contest at Alternet, it’s so full of fail.


    We’ve got:


    The MRA: “American wimmin are selfish goldiggers buying Lamborghinis with their alimony – that’s why men are getting vasectomies!”

    The Passive-Aggressive Threat:”Don’t you realise you’ll be OLD one day then you’ll regret not having children to take care of you?”

    The Concern Troll: “You do realise that my sweet baybeez will be paying taxes for your upkeep when you’re old and decrepit?”

    The Post-Racialist: “But won’t someone think of the white people? Demographics!”

    The Ross Douthat School of Economics: “If everyone keeps getting sterilized and aborting there’ll be no adoptable babies for infertile couples!”

  • beenthere72

    Me thinks these MRAs watch more episodes of Real Housewives than I do.