Morning Roundup: Kentucky Moves Closer to Ultrasounds and Waiting Periods

Hypocrisy alert in Arizona when it comes to Bishop Olmstead, Kentucky moves a step closer to mandatory ultrasound and waiting periods before an abortion, NYC clergy think too many women have abortions, and NARAL responds.

  • USA Today Faith and Reason columnist Cathy Lynn Grossman issues a hypocrisy alert for the state of Arizona in an article questioning why Bishop Olmstead (he of the women must die rather than get an abortion issue at St. Joseph’s Hospital) isn’t outraged that the state is cutting off funds for organ donations for those on Medicaid. Not a peep out of him, even though people have died from not receiving care. Real, born, sentient people with families who love them.
  • The Kentucky state senate has passed a bill that would require a woman to meet with a doctor face-to-face 24 hours prior and to view an ultrasound before terminating a pregnancy, or the doctor would face hefty fines.
  • Several New York City anti-choice clergy members expressed outrage at the city’s abortion rate yesterday, with the Catholic archbishop saying “The Statue of Liberty should be the symbol of this city, not the grim reaper.” The group was particularly disturbed by the fact that it’s not just teenagers who get abortions, with “more than half the abortions were with women in their 20s, with another 30% of abortions among women in their 30s and 40s. Nearly 15% of abortions were performed on married women.” Yes, women of all ages have abortions.
  • NARAL Pro-Choice New York issued a statement in response to the clergy, saying in part that “these men continue to meddle in women’s lives and preach a gospel of shame and stigma while seeking to ban or otherwise limit access to abortion — strategies that have historically done nothing to reduce unintended pregnancy (or abortion) rates and succeed only in placing barriers before healthcare and potentially forcing women to take drastic measures.”

Jan 6

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  • crowepps

    A British charity is using a “unique” tool to discourage teenagers from having unprotected sex: Toddlers. The organization, Teens and Toddlers, has teenage girls mentor young kids so that the young women can experience the responsibility of parenting firsthand.

    I think this is a brilliant idea — I babysat a LOT in junior high and high school and when I had kids the amount of work and frustration was no surprise.   In addition to delaying pregnancy, the realism in this program will help those girls who do have children eventually to be better mothers. 

  • purplemistydez

    I had a similiar experience in my late teens.  A friend had a baby at 18 and I helped out by babysitting.  Caring for a real live baby really made me aware that I was not ready for a child.  It’s stressful and time consuming.  I wanted to party and have fun with my friends.