Morning Roundup: Watch Out for Sodomy Obsessed Representatives, Minnesota

Sodomy obsessed state reps in Minnesota, profile of Steph Herold, Rick Santorum continues the steps towards a presidental campaign, and twenty percent of British women have taken emergency contraception.

  • The Minnesota Independent profiles newly elected state representative Glenn Gruenhagen, who they describe as having “taken a particular interest in sodomy,” by collecting his various letters to the editor. Topics include the “homosexual agenda,” out of wedlock births of “Americans with an African heritage” (because of welfare), and of course, disparaging Planned Parenthood. What committee did he land in the state legislature? Health and Human Services, naturally. Look out Minnesota.
  • Speaking of profiles, Jewcy has one on Steph Herold, who started the #ihadanabortion tag on Twitter. She cites the role her faith played in her activism: “At one point, a Rabbi told me that I should never be permitted to enter a synagogue because of my (feminist/pro-choice/women are full human beings) beliefs. His words did the opposite of what he wanted: they made me even more of an ardent believer and advocate for abortion rights and reproductive justice. And I never went to synagogue anyway.”
  • Reproductive rights hater Rick Santorum continues to show signs he’s going to run for president in 2012. The latest is his hiring of a Republican operative to run his New Hampshire branch of his political action committee, America’s Foundation. I don’t know why he doesn’t just call it “Your Uterus is My Business” PAC.
  • Twenty percent of British women used emergency contraception in the past year, according to a survey by the Co-Operative Pharmacy. The anti-choice news source that reports it, though, thinks this a tragedy, saying that many of the women who take it may be inducing abortion.

Jan 5

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