Morning Roundup: (VIDEO) RNC Candidates Debate Who Is the Anti-Choiciest

Which anti-choice RNC candidate is the most anti-choice? Also, out-of-network NICU’s, pregnant suicide attempt, and banning government funding of abortion. (After you ban it, ban it, and ban it again, doesn’t it get a little redundant?)

  • RNC Chairman Michael Steele promises the Susan B. Anthony List that he is really, actually, anti-choice, despite saying that abortion is an “individual choice.” (We reported on this briefly a few weeks ago.) All the candidates described how they’d work to restrict women’s rights in the video below. (Other video’s on SBA List’s site include individual candidate’s pre-interview videos on “life and marriage.”)
  • You’re pregnant. You choose a doctor and hospital based on your insurance plan. You give birth, but your baby must go to the NICU – in the same hospital where you gave birth – for treatment. It turns out the NICU is outsourced, and staffed by doctors and nurses not covered by your insurance, and before you know it, your insurance company refuses to cover the thousands of dollars of treatment your baby needs to survive. Sound implausible? It happens.
  • A pregnant woman poisoned herself, and gave birth a week later. A few days after birth, the baby died. Prosecutors are now considering fetal homicide or murder charges against the woman, who is currently in a psychiatric hospital.
  • As Amie mentioned yesterday in the Afternoon Roundup, U.S. House Republicans are gearing up for a vote to repeal the health care bill, saying it’s destroying the economy, jobs, and life as we know it. When that doesn’t work to change the law, they plan to go after the bill “piece by piece” according to Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI). One of those pieces includes a ban on any government funding of abortion, to come out of Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) Education and Commerce Health Subcommittee.

Jan 3

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  • beenthere72

    I just kept hearing statements referencing winning an election.    It’s all about votes.      It’s about teaming up with loud,  successfully financed groups that have huge political pull.    More babies born to pro-lifers means more voting conservative republicans.  


    I actually saw a comment on a conservative blog site that said something about if they could find a birth defect that leads to being a liberal, that they could abort them.   Obviously pro-abortion when it suits their agenda.



  • arekushieru

    Just like Hitler, eh?  Surprised some of the trolls that came on here, tonight haven’t tried to use that one, yet.

  • beenthere72

    Me  too!   When they bring up slavery, I’m always sure that the holocaust is next.  


    It’s kinda cute how they all follow Jill over here, ain’t it?  OK, maybe not.