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    Great post with very helpful suggestions. I too have battled with UTIs over the years and they are horrible. I am always shocked at how much time there seems to be from the moment that you begin to even suspect that an infection may be coming on until the time when you are ready to almost chew off your arm for that medicine! I did want to comment also on something that Heather did not mention directly, in hopes that Amberbug may find it helpful:

    When having heterosexual vaginal sex, sometimes your partner’s penis accidently slips out and he will try to quickly place it back into the vagina without using his hand.  If he misses in his haste and places it by mistake (even for just a second), in the anus, that can catch some bacteria that will then go into the vagina. If this happens more than once, it may be helpful to have a simple conversation with your partner and say, “stop and use your hand so you don’t increase my chances of getting a UTI”.

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    I have to highly recommend D-Mannose as a supplement that helps ward off UTIs. There’s lots of info available about it online.

    I have had doctors tell me to drink cranberry juice when I have a UTI and that is a horrible suggestion. Bacteria love sugar and cranberry juice is full of it.

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    Cranberry extract is awesome for preventing UTIs, especially if you get them a lot.  It has antioxidants that keep bacteria from sticking and causing an infection.  Definitely try something like ellura, because it’s once a day and works great.




    Hope this helps!

  • ack

    Heather’s right about doctors giving the same scrip over and over; the problem might also be that the anti-biotics NEVER worked, but that the infection reduced in severity on it’s own, only to come back again. Ask to try something else if you’re experiencing this, or see another doctor!


    I also second the trying a different brand of condom. Some of them contain spermicides that people might be more sensitive to than they realize.

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