Bachmann calls for Planned Parenthood to be defunded

In a recent interview, Representative Michele Bachmann called for Planned Parenthood to be defunded:

“It is incumbent upon us as members of Congress to let people know… the stark fiscal realities that we are facing as a nation, and can’t we at minimum start with defunding things like Planned Parenthood and paying for other people’s abortions that are highly controversial and are violating our principles of the Declaration of Independence, our inalienable right to life? That we can at least agree on, that we should defund that.”

Rep. Bachmann doesn’t understand the incredibly important role Planned Parenthood plays in the health of women all across the country. In fact, in Bachmann’s home state of Minnesota, Planned Parenthood provided more than 300,000 units of contraception, approximately 62,000 STI tests, more than 20,000 breast cancer screenings and over 17,000 cervical cancer screenings. In the past year alone, Planned Parenthood has served more than 60,000 Minnesotans in need of affordable health care. Defunding Planned Parenthood would deny access to basic health care for millions of women.

The National Women’s Law Center recently released a study which gave Minnesota an overall “unsatisfactory” rating when it comes to meeting women’s health objectives. Minnesota received a failing grade for the declining number of women getting pap smears.  So why would Bachmann want to remove access to critical reproductive care?

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  • crowepps

    If fiscal austerity means that the government can just put entire organizations on the ‘bad list’ and refuse to interact with them, I have a little list of military industrial complex organizations that need to go on.  Let’s start with Blackwater and then work our way through anyone else that ‘enables’ the deaths of civilians.

  • liberaldem

    Ms. Bachmann’s call to defund Planned Parenthood is so short-sighted, but sadly typical for her political persuasion. 

    Does the author know whether Minnesota branches of PP are planning to do an information campaign to counteract Bachmann?


  • aligatorhardt

    The Republicans don’t ever seem to run out of ways to steal from the poor to give to the rich. Denying health care is the most disgusting way to save money I ever heard. Why is it that any organization or agency that serves the needs of people is under attack? Our tax dollars have no other legitimate purpose than to serve the needs of the taxpayers. Even those too poor to pay income tax still pay the miriad of other taxes on all purchases and services. Denying basic care will always result in higher prices for emergency care and will result in unneccessary deaths. The politicians advancing such ideas should be impeached for failure to represent their constituents, lying to thee public and exhibiting a tendency to insanity.