New Bill Dealing with Products of Conception Passes Michigan Senate

In late October, a group of Michigan anti-choice activists claimed to have found fetal remains in a dumpster behind an abortion clinic.  Although a lengthy investigation by local police turned up no proof, the anti-abortion groups took action to use to event to rally for new legislation regulating clinics.

That new legislation has now passed the state senate. Via Lifenews:

The Michigan legislature has taken the first step in responding to the dumping of the bodies of babies killed in abortions at abortion centers in the state.

Michigan people were shocked and saddened to learn that bodies of 17 aborted babies were found thrown into a dumpster at a Lansing-area abortion business. The news received public attention last month after announcements from investigations by the Attorney General and county sheriff departments.

“The news created more interest in a package of bills in the Michigan legislature that would require that the remains of aborted or miscarried children to be disposed of in a dignified manner,” Right to Life of Michigan indicated.

“The bills also change our health code so that fetal remains will no longer be classified as ‘products of conception,’ along with the placenta and umbilical cord,” the pro-life group explains.

The legislation will not make it into the House this session, meaning potential passage is on hold until 2011.  However, Michigan Right to Life claims that they have been assured its passage will be a priority for the 2011 House.

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