• andenakker

    And much time will be spent trying to repeal health reform, if not wholesale, than those things such as mandated coverage for children with pre-existing conditions that cause a health care executive or two to take a few million less in compensation from their stiil-exhorbitant profits and cry foul for “business productivity.”

    Actually, they’ve already partially “solved” that problem by no longer offering children-only plans to new subscribers.  Everyone wants to make the insurance companies out to be the bad guys, but in reality the increasing cost of insurance is mostly a function of the increasing cost of health care, which Obamacare did little to address.  Instead, it simply tried to take advantage of the present situation to spin the insurance companies into oblivion, leaving the door wide open for single-payer health care.  Hopefully that train wreck can now be averted.  (Not that insurance doesn’t play a huge part in the problem of the high cost of care, but it has more to do with how we use and pay for insurance than anything in particular the insurance companies have done – they just give us what we ask for.)

  • waterjoe

    Everything you wrote could be said about the 2008 election.  That election was also about the economy, not social issues.  It certainly was not a mandate to pursue pro-choice policies, but that did not stop abortion rights proponents from claiming they had a mandate and from seeking laws and policies more favorable to abortion rights.

  • rebellious-grrl

    The way I see it the only “winners” from Republican candidates being elected are corporations. Republicans are nothing more than “front men” for their corporate lobbyists and interests. Republicans will lie, cheat, and steal to get their way. They have all of the hubris they need to think they are above the law. The will and do make stuff up. It won’t surprise me if they say they have an anti-choice mandate.

    There will be grandstanding on and efforts to eliminate the non-existent funding of abortion in health reform and there will immediately be pressure not to include contraceptive coverage as preventive care in the regulations to be written by the Department of Health and Human Services.

  • rebellious-grrl

    It amuses me that the Republicans said there were “Obama death panels” (which was an outright LIE) in actuality the insurance companies are the gate keepers to care and the real death panel.

    Single-payer health care would be dreamy. I hope this happens sooner than later, but I’m sure the Republicans will do their damnedest to fight it.

  • boudica

    I am sure you are right that they will use social issues to distract, and if women continue to become collateral damage in the games that men in power play, well that’s how it’s always been.  They’re merely game pieces, along with blacks, browns, lgbts, etc., in mens’ grand schemes of power and domination.   But there are dozens of women in the new congress too – if they vote for policies that hurt women, then that’s the true tragedy.  Men stick together to protect their interests, right or wrong.  That’s how/why women are half of the human species and yet are still marginalized as an “interest group”.  There is no greater success that the male gender can claim.  So congresswomen, how about do the sisters a favor and protect OUR interests.  Fight for your female children’s futures, if not your own.

  • arekushieru

    I guess women fighting for their rights SHOULDn’t be a mandate?  Wow, what year is this?  200?

  • rebellious-grrl

    Just checked out this video by Rachel Maddow. “Rachel Maddow Explores Right Wing Lying Echo Chamber.”


    It’s well worth the 14 minute watch. 

  • beenthere72



    “Rachel Maddow is a vampire”.   LMAO!


    Unbelievable that people could be SO gullable. 

  • rebellious-grrl

    I thought that was hysterically funny too and the part about the canned unicorn meat. I love Rachel Maddow. 

  • prochoicekatie

    Umm… over 600 anti-choice pieces of legislation came before state legislatures in the past year. Many of them passed. Almost NO pro-choice legislation was pursued or passed, particularly on the federal level. 


    The only way that funding for abortion will be expanded will be when the philosophical argument of whether something that some consider morally objectionable but remains legal can be EXEMPT from public funding occurs. As of late, pacifists pay for wars, those opposed to the death penalty still have their tax dollars contribute, and those opposed to social security still have deductions from their paychecks.

    Regardless, as the economy is ACTUALLY a complicated issue, with no clear and simple solution, I am quite sure the conservatives will be much more happy passing anti-choice legislation to appease their base then actually tackle the economic issues.

    However, the election of Republicans en masse is actually a MANDATE that they propose something to fix the economy, instead of poo-pooing everything the Dems have done.


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