Man Who Threatened Abortion Doctor Gets Probation

The man who threatened abortion provider Dr. Warren Hern and his family shortly after the death of Dr. George Tiller has now been sentenced to five years probation, according to the Washington Post.

A Washington state man has been sentenced to five years of probation for threatening the family of a Colorado abortion doctor shortly after a Kansas abortion doctor was killed.

Donald Hertz, of Spokane, Wash., was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty in July.

Hertz was accused of threatening the family of Dr. Warren Hern of Boulder, Colo. Hern is believed to be the only U.S. doctor who publicly acknowledges that he performs late-term abortions.

Prosecutors say Hertz threatened Hern’s family less than three weeks after Dr. George Tiller, who also performed late-term abortions, was shot and killed in his Wichita, Kan., church in May 2009.

 Wendy Norris, special to RH RealityCheck, had been following the case, in which Hertz “called the Boulder Abortion Clinic to warn that a team of former soldiers was en route from Spanish Fork, Utah, to kill Dr. Warren Hern’s family,” only three weeks after the murder of Dr. Tiller by Scott Roeder. However, Norris was unconvinced that Hertz would actually see the inside of a prison for his crimes.

A FACE Act conviction carries up to six years in federal prison and a $350,000 fine. Sources close to the case have said that Hertz, who is not in custody, was not expected to serve jail time.

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  • liberaldem

    This jerk would have gotten a short jail sentence, but I suppose we have to be thankful that he received some punishment. I hope that Dr. Hern and his family have protection.

  • embell

    At a guess, this was a plea bargain with no jail time, agreed to in advance.  If he had threatened the life of a politician, or the CEO of a big corporation, I’d bet he would see the inside of a jail.  Abortion providers do not receive equal justice when their safety is threatened.