Kudos To Jill Stanek for Taking a Stand on “Wanted Posters”

Today, Jill Stanek stood up for life, for justice and for civil disagreement in our political discourse.  I have longstanding and deep differences with Stanek on a range of issues, tactics and strategies, and we critique her here often.  But I feel she must receive credit when due.

And today she deserves it.

Today, she called on Flip Benham of Operation Save America to discard those “Wanted” posters he has been circulating of doctors who provide abortion care.

She writes:

My friends at Operation Save America have been distributing “Wanted” posters for 3 North Carolina [doctors]. I can’t find any on the web to read, but a screen shot of one posted by CBS says, “Wanted… by Christ to Stop Killing Babies.”

These posters are getting attention in the news, first by Rachel Maddow on October 20…[and]…by Katie Couric at CBS News on October 26…

Benham, notes Stanek, feigns innocence:

It is a blatant attempt to color abortionists as innocent victims of Christian violence and hate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Abortionists victims? Please. Has the thought ever crossed the hardened heart of an abortionist that this is his self chosen way. He invades the neighborhoods of little children safe in their mother’s wombs and seeks them out to kill them. Talk about violence – my Lord!

How does the mainstream media miss this elephant in the room? It is totally blind to the value of a child’s life. It has become the sworn enemy of God, His precious preborn children, and all who follow hard after Christ.

This [CBS story] is a blatant attempt to use the violence of a very few, to silence the voice of many heralding the Gospel of Christ.

The fact is, Stanek said: “a “Wanted” poster, no matter how innocently drawn, immediately calls to mind the old Wild West adage, “dead or alive.””

I ask Pastor Flip and OSA to step back and recognize these sorts of posters can’t help. I believe wholeheartedly in free speech, but these come close to yelling “Fire!” in a theater.

[W]e do need to exercise some common sense and avoid purposefully feeding the frenzy, which I think Pastor Flip knows in his heart of hearts he is doing, even by the font he chose.

I applaud Jill for taking this step.

I also must say I wish she had gone further, by also stating that she would stop posting screen shots of the offices and clinics of physicians like Dr. Carhart, a photo of whose clinic she featured on her site shortly after Dr. Tiller was murdered. This is not, as she claims, just a way of encouraging “assertive activism and picketing.”  We’ve gotten to the point where truly disturbed people are influenced by both the rhetoric and the imagery–of Glenn Beck, of the Tea Party, of the anti-choice movement–to take the law into their own hands.

I wish Jill could take that next step, and see in her own heart of hearts that her own  rhetoric and “imagery”  can only too easily lead to violence.

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  • joan2

    This is just a cynical attempt by Stanek to distance herself from the violence against clinic workers that she helps to foment. She publishes pictures of reproductive rights workers and supporters on her blog all the time. Why? She knows that at least a few of her followers think that “assertive activism and picketing” are not doing enough to scare women away from reproductive health clinics. She must know that some of her blog followers will attempt to target clinic workers with threats and violence.

    Stanek’s blog is full of misinformation about abortion and reproductive health care that is designed to inflame the passions of her followers who believe that abortion is murder. She is part of the drumbeat that whips up the unbalanced minority in the pro-life movement who are prone to violence. Stanek is part of the problem. She will never be part of the solution.  

  • jodi-jacobson

    Stanek’s site is full of misinformation and she herself has spread lies about the issues.


    And it is true, as I pointed out in the piece, that her own rhetoric is part of the problem.  But i have to give credit to her and assume best intentions in this case if she is in fact calling for an end to the “Wanted” posters, just as I would have given credit to Palin had she actually called on Beck to stop his violent rhetoric (unfortunately did not happen).


    It does not and will not stop us from calling any one out when we feel they are wrong, just as others will call us out and I appreciate your input on that score.


    This was the first time I saw Jill take a positive step and I felt it was important to note.