(VIDEO) Tea Party Motto: Don’t Get Your Way? Get Violent

Last week, “security” thugs for Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller’s campaign “arrested” and handcuffed a reporter trying to…ask the candidate a question at a public event at a public school.  I say thugs because for one thing they were not licensed as security guards, and for another, in the United States, even as far out there as Tea Party-land Alaska, we normally don’t use violence to settle political differences.

Until of course now, when Tea Partiers and Republican candidates consistently remind us if they don’t get their way, they will indeed resort to violence.

This week, Tea Partiers attending Kentucky’s Senate candidate debate (Jack Conway (D) v. Rand Paul (R)) threw a woman to the ground, and one of them, a man, stomped on her head. Watch also as a nice older lady steps ON her to get across her.

Why? They did not like the fact that a woman holding a sign titled “RepublicCorp” to parody the intimate connections between Republican and Tea Party candidates and undisclosed money from corporations, was trying to ask Paul about his positions.

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  • rebellious-grrl

    I am very appalled by the thuggery of the tea-party (I would also include the uber right-wing of the GOP.) Ed Schultz covered this on his show in his reaction to progressive activist 23-year-old Lauren Valle being pushed and assaulted by by Rand Paul’s thugs.

    In the video you can see that Rand Paul is accompanied by a security guard and a police officer. If is clear that the Rand Paul thugs deliberately pushed Lauren down to intimidate her and anyone who has any ideas about “messing” with the Tea Party. She was fully within her first amendment rights to protest the event. Once again the Tea Party has used fear and intimidation to get their way.


    Ed Schultz: Tea Party Violence is a Threat to Democracy