• prochoicekatie

    Wish I could attend!

    I heard you speak here in Colorado in 2008; we’re in an eerily similar place right now…

    But your work provided us then with real life examples of the dangers of personhood amendments and continues to highlight what happens when we treat women like places where crimes occur instead of persons themselves.

    Keep up the good work!

  • alabamamama

    I wish I’d seen this earlier; I would have liked to attend.

    I had a baby at the end of August of this year. A beautiful little boy who never took a breath; he died from placental failure two days before I delivered him.

    When I was at the hospital, just hours after delivering my son (who I did not know was dead when I went into labor, so lots of shock) a nurse came in and explained that because he died, they were going to have to drug test me, and they wanted me to pee in a cup. I had just given birth, naturally, in the car to be specific, in the parking lot at the hospital. I was sore!

    I looked at the nurse like she was stupid, and I told her that I couldn’t get out of bed and pee right then, and pointed out that she already had several vials of my blood, test that.

    She then informed me that I would have to sign consent forms for them to be able to drug test me. I have no idea where the law stands in regard to drug testing pregnant women or women who have just given birth without their consent, but at UAB hospital in Birmingham, AL, I had to sign consent forms before they could run the tests.

    The nurse never came back with the forms, and I was screaming to go home. I don’t think they ever ran the tests; there was nothing in the medical records I obtained later mentioning it.

    It would be something for Alabama women to keep in mind, or to check into. I am in no way advocating drug use in pregnant women or anyone else for that matter. And, had they brought me the forms, I would have signed them.

    For the record, I am “low-income” and had no health insurance at the time. So, I wasn’t treated better because of health insurance or money.

    No woman should serve 10 years in prison for her child dying from a cause that can in no way be linked to drug use. Prolapsed cord is not something that can be blamed on any drugs.

    I hope that y’all will continue to follow and update on this story; this is the first I have read about it, I haven’t seen any coverage in the local news or papers.

  • forced-birth-rape

    AlabamaMama, I am so sorry, that is a horrible experience, and then to demean a grieving woman who just lost her baby. Very sorry for you and any other women this has happened to. Much love.

  • doulaelizabeth

    This is so sad that women have to go through this.  I’m sorry for your loss. http://www.kclaborsupport.com,  http://www.kcdoula.net.

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