American’s United For Life and Susan B. Anthony List Targets Look Very Similar

I’m sure no one would go as far as to call it collusion, but if some of the names on the list of candidates being attacked by American’s United for Life in a new radio campaign seem kind of familiar, there may be a reason.

According to The Hill, American’s United For Life is spending $600,000 on radio ads in 12 Democratic districts via their new “Life Counts” campaigning arm.

Of those 12 districts, two of them seem fairly familiar. Pennsylvania Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper and Indiana Rep. Joe Donnelly are two of the three candidates who are also being targeted by the Susan B. Anthony List, most recently via billboard.

This sense of deja vu is amplified even more when you compare The Hill’s headlines for the two stories:

Anti-abortion group erects billboards in Dem districts

Anti-abortion group targets 12 Democrats

It’s almost as though all of the anti-choice campaign groups were interchangeable. 

At the very least, their target lists seem to be.

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  • waterjoe

    The reason for the similarity is obvious.  It is based on those incumbents’ votes on health care reform.