(VIDEO) Does Your Zygote Pay a Cover Charge?

Ladies beware!

If you are fertile and engaged in sexual intercourse with a male person, you may become pregnant at any time.

C’mon. We all know even the best contraceptives sometimes fail.

So while you may not be trying for a baby, you might actually be carrying a little person around inside you in the form of a microscopically-sized fertilized egg. And really, if its even possible one of your ova has met its match, shouldn’t you being paying extra for that airplane ticket? After all you are two, not one, and your body is no longer your own.

It’s been snatched.

Shouldn’t you pay additional passenger fees in cabs? Tell the hotel registration desk that you have an extra “guest?”  Pay a cover charge when eating in a restaurant with a minimum-per-person price? Get a child ticket as well as an adult ticket when you go to the movies? Own up to the airlines that you need to pay a “zygote tax?”

Admit that you are trying to “admit two,” when your ticket says “admit one?”

C’mon woman!  Own up!

Seriously…since we don’t even know whether you might be carrying around an egg-person, shouldn’t we just charge all women a tax for those “extras” until they can prove they’ve been through menopause?

It’s a real question.  Because apart from the truly frightening violations of your essential human rights and your basic human dignity when your egg is fertilized, according to the laws being promoted by the “egg-as-person” movement, you are now dealing with “two” from the moment that sperm punches a hole in that egg whether you wanted to be pregnant or not, and whether you are able or want to raise a child or not.  “You” the person are done; egg-the-person is in charge.

The “egg-as-people” people, the ones eager to install a video monitoring device in your uterus, are conveniently here to redefine medical science, and impose their religious beliefs right on you and those egg-babies.  Right now, they’re pushing for laws around the country, like Amendment 62 in Colorado.

Here’s a video by CHOICE USA to offer some perspective:

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