Anti-Choice Blogger Cruelly Mocks Women’s Experiences

NARAL Pro-Choice America is made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States who come together to protect a woman’s right to choose. These individuals are our backbone, and their stories remind us of why we do this work. Behind every statistic or heated argument about abortion is the experience of a real woman.

On our website,, we offer a safe space for people to share their stories because sharing stories is a way for our supporters to connect. Our Women’s Stories page gives powerful and heart-felt accounts of women’s personal lives and the difficult decisions they’ve made. As someone who talks with women about what it means to be pro-choice, I understand the courage it takes to share a story with us and the world.

That’s why I was deeply disgusted and outraged when I discovered that an anti-choice blogger mocked these personal stories through a series of “Parody Testimonials” blogs.

The blogger crudely and cruelly mocks the circumstances behind these women’s stories, even in situations where women’s lives and health were in danger. 

 Here is a selection from one “parody” that was particularly disturbing:

Dawn, 40

I got pregnant in the summer of 2008. My husband and I were thrilled. We had been trying for about 6 months and it finally happened.

At 11 weeks of gestation we found out that our son/daughter had anencephaly. We were devastated. We thought we wanted this child. We murdered our son/daughter two days later in a building which looked like a hospital (but where they murdered people instead of cared for them). A spineless, life-hating, unprotective man who had a Medical Doctorate in gynecology dilated my cervix and proceeded to cut my son/daughter up into several pieces. After this, the nurse informed him that all of my son’s/daughter’s body parts were present and accounted for. The “doctor” considered this a “condition not compatible with life” AND WHO WOULD after being cut up into so many pieces?!


I have worked for groups which favor the murder of unborn babies for the worst part of my life doing a variety of volunteer activities (lying, deceiving, coaxing, betraying my fellow woman, hating men and the babies that they helped us conceive… did I mention lying?) as well as giving money to spill more blood. I support murdering unborn babies in all circumstances (yes, especially those which are forced in China and other countries since they have more melanin than I do).

And here’s Dawn’s actual story:

I got pregnant in the summer of 2008. My husband and I were thrilled. We had been trying for about 6 months and it finally happened.

At 11 weeks of gestation we found out that the fetus had anencephaly. We were devastated. This was a very wanted child. We terminated the pregnancy two days later in a hospital. My OB performed the D&C. The doctor considered this a “condition not compatible with life.”


p>I have worked for pro-choice causes for the better part of my life doing a variety of volunteer activities as well as donating money. I support choice in all circumstances.

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  • kevin-rahe

    I wouldn’t defend the blogger.  While it’s not clear why Dawn had to abort her baby, it was obviously a very difficult situation and she deserves to be treated with with a bit more sensitivity, even by those who question her decision.


    That said, I have a couple bones to pick with the writer.


    NARAL Pro-Choice America is made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States who come together to protect a woman’s right to choose.


    How about choosing to finish a sentence once in a while?  Choose what?  If you’re talking about situations where supposedly abortion can be chosen unapologetically, what have you got to hide?


    The blogger crudely and cruelly mocks the circumstances behind these women’s stories, even in situations where women’s lives and health were in danger.


    But that wasn’t the case with Dawn.  Why not choose an example that actually backs up this statement?

  • radicalhousewife

    TRUST WOMEN!  Sigh.

  • robin-marty

    that a woman’s life or health isn’t in danger if a woman is forced to carry a child to term that she knows cannot actually live once born, you make it very clear that you have never had to deal with any loss in a very wanted pregnancy.

  • amanda-marcotte

    Whatever they want to choose. Anti-choicers (like yourself, I’m guessing) oppose choice. Pro-choicers support choice. That means we support a woman’s right to choose how she sees fit—to have an abortion, to have a baby, whatever she wants. Antis want the right to make that choice taken from a woman and handed to the state.

  • jodi-jacobson

    Do you feel even the slightest responsibility to be informed before playing God or doctor?


    Carrying an anencephalic fetus carries multiple risks to the mother, including: 

    Labor and delivery of fetuses with anencephaly at term is excessively difficult because brow presentation and shoulder dystocia is likely to cause the baby to be stuck in the birth canal, and cause extreme trauma to the mother as well as a high risk of pre-eclampsia, hypertension, hemorrhage, and subsequent difficulties in pregnancy or delivery.

    When they are delivered at all, anencephalic babies are usually stillborn.

    A baby born with anencephaly is usually blind, deaf, unconscious, and unable to feel pain. Although some individuals with anencephaly may be born with a main brain stem, the lack of a functioning cerebrum permanently rules out the possibility of ever gaining consciousness. Reflex actions such as breathing and responses to sound or touch occur.[2]


    There is no cure or standard treatment for anencephaly and the prognosis for patients is poor. Most anencephalic fetuses do not survive birth, accounting for 55% of non-aborted cases. If the infant is not stillborn, then he or she will usually die within a few hours or days after birth from cardiorespiratory arrest.

    In almost all cases, anencephalic infants are not aggressively resuscitated since there is no chance of the infant ever achieving a conscious existence. Instead, the usual clinical practice is to offer hydration, nutrition and comfort measures and to “let nature take its course”. Artificial ventilation, surgery (to fix any co-existing congenital defects), and drug therapy (such as antibiotics) are usually regarded as futile efforts. Clinicians and medical ethicists may view the provision of nutrition and hydration as medically futile.

    Ethicists agree that terminating a pregnancy of an anencephalic infant is completely appropriate and ethical, in accordance with the wishes of the woman in question.


    Apart from the physical risks to health and life posed by carrying an anencephalic infant, and the knowledge that your wanted child will be unable to live, the mental health costs of carrying a deformed baby with a condition incompatible with life are devastating.


    Your reponse is really no better in the end than that of the blogger whose work is described above.  You feel the right to sit in judgment of someone about whom you know nothing, and about whose medical and other situations you know nothing.  Moreover, you don’t even try to figure out what you don’t know.



  • beenthere72

    It takes just a second to google, Kevin:




  • purplemistydez

    It seems either way the blogger would have lost the baby.  That is a decision I hope I will never have to make.

  • carolyninthecity

    Thank you!


    It’s annoying when antis pretend to not understand that fetal abnormalities can create serious risks to the women in labour. But maybe that’s just not life threatening enough for them. 

  • beenthere72

    That blogger is an a-hole.  And judging from the comments, or rather the lack thereof, nobody is really paying much attention to him and we’re giving him too much ‘credit’ even linking to his site and blogging about HIM.    


    To mock the troubled real life stories of women like that is arrogant, obnoxious, self-righteous,  and just plain real a-hole thing to do. 

  • kevin-rahe

    You feel the right to sit in judgment of someone about whom you know nothing, and about whose medical and other situations you know nothing.  Moreover, you don’t even try to figure out what you don’t know.


    I wasn’t judging anyone.  I just noted that there’s nothing in the story that would suggest abortion was necessary, nor have you pointed out anything that I missed that suggested that.


    There does seem to be a difference of opinion on how much danger an anencephalic pregnancy poses to the mother.  While the source you quoted makes the situation sound rather ominous, others don’t raise nearly as much concern, such as the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, which, while noting a few possible complications, says only, “Each of these risks, while low, is slightly higher than is associated with a normal pregnancy.”



    If any shame is due here, it’s on those who would use a situation in which a woman wanted a baby to excuse the practice of terminating the life of babies whose mothers don’t want them.

  • plume-assassine

    Your ignorance is truly astounding.


    An anencephalic baby does not have a brain. If a woman chooses to carry to term anyway, that baby will die within a few hours to a few weeks. For many women, choosing to abort is much more humane to herself and to the potential child. But you would rather a woman suffer over the complications of caring for an essentially braindead baby. Some are even born without the back of their skull.


    I am sick of your anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-sex, rape apologist comments. Your thoughts offer nothing constructive to any conversation on this site.

  • jodi-jacobson

    On one hand, you state in your first comment that Diana’s case does not include a risk to health or life.  And then, after being presented with facts about anencephalic pregnancy and associated risks for mothers, as well as the certainty of death, likelihood of premature birth, of the baby being stillborn and conditions incompatible with life, you then twist the issue around to suggest this woman did not want her baby, when clearly she states this was a wanted pregnancy.


    This is a seriously twisted view. 


    I will provide the information from the hospital you cite, which, by the way counsels termination as a treatment option for the pregnancy:

    What is anencephaly?
    Anencephaly (an-en-sef-ul-ee) is a lethal (results in death) birth defect in which the baby is missing a large portion of the brain as well as skull and scalp (see illustration). A large percentage of these babies will be stillborn (die before birth) or spontaneously aborted (miscarriage). Those that are born alive usually die within hours or days. Anencephaly is classified as a neural tube defect (NTD). The neural tube is the tissue of an embryo (term used to describe a developing baby prior to the 8th week after conception) that becomes the brain, spinal cord and the bones that surrounding the brain and spinal cord (skull and spinal column). Very soon after conception, during the third or fourth week, the neural tube has developed and the spinal column (bones) closes. With anencephaly the “cephalic” or head end of the neural tube does not close, resulting in the absence of most of the brain, skull, and scalp. The brain tissue that may be present at birth, the brain stem, will provide the baby with rudimentary functions such as breathing and responses to sound or touch. Anencephalic babies, however, have no consciousness or thinking ability. Anencephaly occurs in approximately 1 in 1000 births and females are affected five times more frequently than males. Anencephaly is usually an isolated birth defect. Facial features are generally present but may look somewhat distorted due to the skull disorder. The cause of anencephaly is unknown. There is a slightly increased risk for women who have diabetes and women who have taken valproic acid for a seizure disorder before conception and/or during the first trimester.

    Prenatal diagnosis of anencephaly
    The maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is a blood test to screen for neural tube defects (NTD). The level in the blood of alpha-fetoprotein will vary depending on the gestational age of the fetus. An abnormally high level should be investigated for a NTD. Your obstetrician will most likely refer you to a specialist that handles high-risk pregnancies. These doctors are called perinatologists. The perinatologist is a physician who specializes in the care of the mother and fetus in complicated or potentially complicated pregnancies. They balance the care of the mother and baby considering the risks and benefits to each.

    One of the tests that may be recommended to investigate after an abnormal AFP is ultrasound. This test uses high-frequency sound waves and a computer to create images of the anatomy of the fetus. Ultrasound can provide us with a picture of the general anatomy, blood flow in the heart, some of the blood vessels and umbilical cord blood flow, placental placement, cord location, the amount of amniotic fluid, and cervical length. It is non-invasive and a very useful tool to assist health care providers in evaluation of the fetus.

    Amniocentesis is another test that may be recommended. This test is done at 16 to 18 weeks’ gestation. Before amniocentesis is attempted an ultrasound is done to estimate gestational age, determine the position of the fetus and placenta, and determine if enough amniotic fluid is present. This is an invasive test used to determine chromosomal disorders. Amniocentesis involves inserting a needle through the abdominal and uterine wall of the mother, into the amniotic sac. A sample of the amniotic fluid is removed and sent to a genetics lab. The genetics lab will exam the amniotic fluid for fetal cells, which are grown in a culture, to determine if a genetic disorder exists. Results take approximately 10 to 14 days.

    How does anencephaly affect my baby?
    Anencephaly is a uniformly fatal birth defect. Approximately 75 percent of these infants are stillborn. Some, or approximately 25 percent, may be born alive but will survive only hours to days and rarely weeks. If the baby is carried to term, polyhydramnios (an excessive volume of amniotic fluid) is a common complication. This can become uncomfortable for the mother. If breathing becomes difficult due to the pressure of the enlarged uterus pushing on the diaphragm, some amniotic fluid can be removed. This is a temporary solution however, as the fluid volume will return to the previous amount within approximately one week (depending on the amount of fluid removed). Preterm labor is a common problem, as is the pregnancy going postterm. There is an increased risk of abnormal fetal presentations at delivery.

    How does anencephaly affect the pregnancy?
    The diagnosis of anencephaly may be suspected if the alpha fetoprotein level is elevated. The diagnosis is confirmed by a targeted ultrasound performed by a tertiary care facility qualified to make a definitive diagnosis of anencephaly. If other anomalies are noted, amniocentesis may be offered to evaluate the chromosomes. The diagnosis of anencephaly in the fetus poses a slightly increased medical risk to the mother. Because of this fact and the fact that this anomaly is uniformly fatal for the baby, the treatment options offered are termination of the pregnancy or palliative care at the time of birth. One of the risks for the mother is development of polyhydramnios or an increased volume of amniotic fluid. This can be uncomfortable to the point of interfering with breathing. Polyhydramnios may increase the risk for preterm labor. The labor and delivery process is sometimes complicated by a failure of the cervix to dilate and the fetal presentation may not be head down which makes for a more complicated vaginal delivery and contributes to the dysfunctional labor or the failure of the cervix to dilate. There is a slightly increased risk of postpartum hemorrhage and placental abruption (placenta pulling away from the uterine wall), which also carries a risk of hemorrhage. Each of these risks, while low, is slightly higher than is associated with a normal pregnancy.

    And for those who wish to subject themselves, the page referenced contains a photo of a baby with anencephaly, making imminently obvious the issues of which Kevin is so quick to deny.




  • kevin-rahe

    you then twist the issue around to suggest this woman did not want her baby, when clearly she states this was a wanted pregnancy.


    I don’t know how you got that out of what I said.  In fact, I said exactly the opposite:  “a [this] situation in which a woman wanted a baby”.


    the issues of which Kevin is so quick to deny


    I have not and would not deny any of the facts about anencephaly that you or anyone else has cited.

  • vashra

    Preface: I am writing this as someone who is pro-Life. Yet, I use that term reluctantly because I see little that consistantly pushes for the support and improvement of life in the pro-Life movement.


    This blogger’s actions were and are deplorable and disgusting. There is nothing but pure dark hypocrisy in pretending that a baby’s life matters to you, while caustically shredding the heart-breaking stories of the women who are faced with the choice of whether or not to abort their child. I’ve just never seen an abortion story written by a woman who was casual about her choice. I suppose somewhere in the nearly 8 billion people on this earth, we might be able to find such a woman, but she would be an extreme exception to what I have seen.


    It absolutely is true that the majority of abortions performed in the United States are elective. This means that if the mother were to choose to carry the child to term, the odds heavily favor the birth of a healthy and “normal” baby. But if these women, despite *all* the struggles of feminism, believe routinely that they are “not strong enough” to raise a baby, or that the world is “not good enough” to the point that bringing a child into it is as a curse or sentence passed on the child….does the fault really lie with the women? Where is their support structure? To whom can they turn for aid? More often than not, the pro-Life movement is the *last* agency of assistence for these women, because their membership is too busy calling them whores and murderers to do anything substantial.


    I am consistantly struck by the number of pro-Life organizations who fall all overthemselves to the tune of *millions* of dollars to back this candidate or lobby that bill committee. The women who are faced with the choice of whether or not to have an abortion aren’t concerned with the law. We already know from our own bloody history that Abortion could be made 100% illegal and perhaps even be judged a capital crime, and still some women would risk it. These women are concerned with their lives, and the lives of their babies.


    Yes…the women who have abortions are on some sadly abused level *concerned* for the lives of their babies. They have lived in a world that has badly harmed and abandoned them, and it’s been traumatic enough that they don’t want to “inflict” that world on their progeny. I try to imagine that desolation. I admit, I’m not sure what it must be like. But I do know that what these women need are movements that strengthen their lives and give them choices *alternative* to abortion that actually appeal to them. Maybe someday the pro-Life movement will get off it’s sanctimonious a$$ and start doing some work in reforming adoption and foster care and pushing back the poverty and other situations which drive these women to this dark and hopeless choice.

  • colleen

    There does seem to be a difference of opinion on how much danger an anencephalic pregnancy poses to the mother.


    Of course there is. The Catholic church is always eager to deny reality and kill pregnant women and little girls. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is part of the Affinity Health System which is described as “a Catholic mission-oriented regional health care network”. My sympathies for any women unfortunate enough to be tied to such ‘healthcare’.



    If any shame is due here, it’s on those who would use a situation in which a woman wanted a baby to excuse the practice of terminating the life of babies whose mothers don’t want them.


    On the contrary. Your powers of  discernment seem to be clouded by your contempt for women and need to reduce us to breeding livestock. Please find another blog to troll.

  • equalist

    Well put Vashra.  I firmly believe that if the anti choice were truly pro life, then they would spend the time and effort they put into shaming and degrading women into programs that support proper sexual education including contraception, family planning services particularly to low income women who in many cases simply cannot afford another mouth to feed, and programs for the poor to assist them in not simply surviving poverty themselves and providing bare necessities to their families, but would support providing the poor with the means to pull themselves out of poverty.   I find it horrendous that many of those same people claiming to be pro life are at the same time anti funding for family planning services to prevent pregnancies that likely would end in elective abortion, and anti support for women and families in poverty who cannot often afford to bring another child into their already stretched financial situation.  They claim to be pro life, and in favor of the right of the child to live, but at the same time reject funding for programs designed to help the child not only survive, but thrive. 

  • liberaldem

    Kevin seems unwilling to consider that in the case of severe fetal abnormalities an abortion may indeed bea  merciful and  humane action.

    After Dr. George Tiller’s murder I read many stories on a website that was set up so that women could share their heartbreaking stories of pregnancies that they very much wanted, but which they ended because their children suffered from conditions that would be terminal. I can’t imagine the pain that those women and their husbands/partners experienced.


  • cc

    So in addition to forcing women to bear the child of a rapist, they also want women to carry to term a damaged fetus which won’t live outside the womb. The misogyny of their women as incubators world view is astounding. Their hatred of women (especially those “slutty” single gals who, as the pro-life guys love to say, shouldn’t “spread their legs”) is so obvious. They are no better than Taliban.

  • gordon

    Outstanding post, colleen.  Thanks.  With a name like Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, who would have guessed?  It is long overdue that “health care” institutions more interested in religious dogma (Catholic or any other) than in health care be exposed for what they are.  Crisis pregnancy center, anyone?

  • crowepps

    There does seem to be a difference of opinion on how much danger an anencephalic pregnancy poses to the mother.

    And yet the argument over “how much danger” is posed is a pointless distraction.  Since the fetus cannot survive, there is no point in leaving the woman at risk of ANY amount of danger, even the dangers of normal delivery.  Insisting that she SHOULD continue to be pregnant when it is known the fetus will likely be stillborn or will not survive after birth is leaving her at risk for no reason whatsoever except the illusory ideology of moral absolutes.

  • shade-grey

    News flash…Kevin is a close minded idiot who a) has no clue what it is like to carry a baby much less one diagnosed with a fatal abnormality and b) he will never be convinced otherwise bc closed minded fools are just that….and are convinced they are right period. For those of you who have written supportive notes for people (like me!) who are the shade of grey in the black and white world pro life supporters live in I thank you. I was the shade of grey when, 5months into my first pregnancy, our baby was diagnosed with a fatal brain abnormality. We made our heartbreaking choice and stand behind it 100% , 4 years later.

    There is a book recently published that sheds light on this underpublicized shade of grey in the abortion debate that I recommend to anyone who is a pro choice supporter and/or those smart enough (not you Kevin) to consider there may be more than meets the eye in this debate. The book is called “Our Heartbreaking Choices” and I challenge anyone to read it and not see how what we chose was the most humane and moral thing to do for our unborn children. As the editor of the book so eloquently put it “we chose a lifetime of emotional pain so that our children would not feel one second of physical pain on this earth.”

  • crowepps

    I just noted that there’s nothing in the story that would suggest abortion was necessary

    For anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the subject, the word anencephaly, all by itself, makes the necessity clear.

  • forced-birth-rape

    ~Thank you Shade of grey, I am so sorry.~

  • catseye71352

    That is a horrible thing for _anybody_ to go through, Shade of grey. Don’t let the anti-abortion terrorists get you down.

  • pilar608

    I am sorry, Shades of grey.  And it makes me furious that people like Kevin can read about your experiences and still dare to judge and second-guess.  He will never understand; and as someone without children, I can barely imagine.  


    Thank you for the quote–it’s simple and eloquent.

  • shade-grey

    It is my duty and obligation to share my story so that people don’t forget that there are these shades of grey! The anti choicers will never convince me or my husband that what we chose was wrong bc they will never walk a day in my shoes. I am thankful for the love and support of strangers and family and friends. We have a 2 yr old little girl now, and for her, I thank you too for fighting to protect their rights!

  • valfahey

    The danger is to the infant, who would not survive outside the womb. I realize you’re a male who has never given birth, but surely you’ve seen films? Fetuses endure some level of trauma just exiting the birth canal. When someone’s fate is sealed, it’s perfectly appropriate to subvert continued gestation (which is ALWAYS posing a risk to pregnant women, even in so-called normal pregnancies) than to proceed.



  • valfahey

    “The right to choose” is a universally understood paraphrase for abortion rights. Just because it knots your panties doesn’t mean it’s incorrect usage of the English language.


    Maybe you can tell me why you fetus-worshippers call yourselves “pro-life.” Oh really? You mean, unless it’s lives in the Middle East?

  • valfahey

    however, I’m sorry, but I wish this blogger would face the exact same fate you did.

  • jan


  • jan

    No woman should ever have to go through something like that.  The pain and stress and heartbreak must have been so hard to bear.  I am so happy that you have a beautiful little girl, and I work hard to fight for the rights of future generations of girls, including my nieces, my friend’s children, my cousins, my college students, etc. so that all girls can grow up into women who can meet THEIR dreams and goals.  We are truly a family that has ALL girls (so far!)…and I will make sure that they know their rights, and that their rights and ALL women’s rights are protected!


  • crowepps

    I am totally boggled by how the ProLife activists can’t see that the pain and the stress and the heartbreak are entirely sufficient in and of themselves, and that the last thing a couple needs after these experiences is a bunch of total strangers demanding details be provided so the total strangers can decide whether they ‘approve’ of the decisions made.

  • shade-grey

    Jan and other supporters…thank you for being open minded enough to see things in their true light. It’s interesting bc I recently read some stats on how many (almost 10%) of terminations are due to fetal abnormality or maternal health concerns and yet you NEVER hear these stories in the press or from high profile celebs etc. I am confident thst The pro life contingent flat out ignores us in their rhetoric bc if they acknowledged stories and circumstances like mine are “acceptable” reasons to terminate, then their whole argument crumbles like a house of cards. It s so much easier for them to attack an unwed teenager who chooses to terminate than it is to hear the story of a baby at 5months gestation that has been determined to have no normal brain division, no recognizable nose, closely set, and bulging eyes and who will die soon after birth IF making it to term. Those images are my reality and I share them not to break your hearts but to shove them in the pro lifers faces the next time people like “Kevin” and the phantom parody blogger feel it necessary to open their mouths on something so very personal and devestating. You all just keep doing what you are to support Womens rights and I’ll do my part too! Thanks again for the support! Xo shade of grey

  • andenakker

    I found a FAQ that seems to contradict the quote Jodi posted that says anencephaly is dangerour for the mother.  It says, “Might the mother’s health be jeopardised?  No. Pregnancy is unaffected.



    What was the source of Jodi’s information?  Is it possible it might be a bit biased?

  • beenthere72

    She stresses the mental health of the mother being affected much more so than the physical health.  

    Because, really, do you want to carry a pregnancy to term only to get this outcome?


    Almost 75% of babies with anencephaly born at term survive their birth. The life expectancy of those who survive is only a few hours or days

  • jodi-jacobson

    Rather than justify the assertion, as we only use sources from accredited and respected medical authorities, I will simply quote from the disclaimer on the front page of the website to which you refer people for “unbiased” information:


    The advice given on this site is offered from non medically qualified individuals. This site is the result of research and experience made by affected parents. The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician. Confidentiality of data relating to visitors is respected by this website. For further information or support, please write to the webmaster.

  • brady-swenson

    Just wanted to note on this thread as well that yesterday Kevin Rahe was banned from commenting on the site for repeated violations of our commenting policy.

    • andenakker

      He had to be silenced, at any cost.  There simply is no way to compete with arguments like his in a truly open forum.

  • robin-marty

    I quote from their main page:

    “As anencephaly is usually detected during a pre-natal scan, parents are confronted with a choice between life and death. A choice often made with very little information of what is in store for them. It is with this in mind that we have made the choice to share the stories of the brief, but wonderful lives of babies with anencephaly. We hope that it will be of help to you and impart courage.”

  • prochoiceferret

    the brief, but wonderful lives of babies with anencephaly.


    Which just goes to show, some babies may be tragically born without higher-functioning brains… and some adults may not-so-tragically decline to use the ones they have.


    I’ll bet they thought Terry Schiavo was just living it up in that hospice center!

  • crowepps

    Well, it might be true that the PREGNANCY is unaffected, but that doesn’t mean the WOMAN is unaffected.  The woman, after all, has a MIND.

    The physical stress of carrying an anencephalic child is significant on the mother; besides experiencing great emotional distress, some women suffer polyhydramnios. Polyhydramnios is a condition in which an excessive amount of amniotic fluid leaks into the amniotic sac, causing a woman’s abdomen to exceedingly swell up. This is a somewhat painful condition, and can lead to the umbilical cord slipping in front of the baby, the placenta to prematurely separate from the wall of the uterus, and the fetus’ death.



    • Anencephaly is uniformly fatal.
    • Polyhydramnios is a common complication during pregnancy, and patients may experience significant discomfort from the abdominal distention that accompanies this condition.
    • Risk of preterm labor is increased.
    • Because the pituitary gland may be absent in persons with anencephaly, spontaneous precipitation of labor may be delayed; therefore, the risk of the pregnancy progressing into the postterm period is significant. Labor may need to be induced in these cases.
    • The rate of abnormal fetal presentations during delivery is increased in these pregnancies.

     [Edited to add quote]

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”  Martin Luther King

  • prowomen

    Amanda related the story of a devout Catholic couple whose fetus couldn’t survive making the painful decision to seek Dr. Tiller’s help.  The husband explained that “We are Catholic. We are supposed to be against abortion, but the church teaches mercy as well. The church examines quality of life. It isn’t a black and white issue as so many like to make it.” 

    His wife concluded that “Dr. Tiller was a very gentle man to my husband and me. He wasn’t the villain that people, me included, had often painted him. He was soft-spoken. He held our hands while we mourned our loss. He even prayed with us.”  Dr. Tiller showed the couple the compassion and support they so badly wished they had received from their neighbors and friends.  “…He wasn’t a man with crazed eyes anticipating the kill like some anti-abortion activists would like you to picture. He understood the difficult position we were in….”

    They, also, concluded that “The people who praised Dr. Tiller’s murder–they are the real monsters.”  Fox’s Bill O’Reilly repeatedly called Dr. Tiller “Tiller the baby killer.”