• sd

    “But Joan has also offered an accurate reading of how gender stereotypes can trap women in a no-win position.”

    EXACTLY!!!  (Unless of course, Daddy/Mommy come from power/money, in which case, you aren’t in Joan’s or Peggy’s position to begin with!)


    “The more one turns the Joan-Peggy encounter over, the more one sees a layered story that represents both the importance of feminism and the hurdles it faces. Mad Men works best when we can see how much has changed and how much hasn’t.”


    I think that is the ONLY reason I am still watching the show at this point, because otherwise, it’s waaaaaaaaaay toooooooooo painful to endure/watch that sh*t ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!  (And I’m a GenXer!!!)

  • rachel-larris

    I watched the “Inside Mad Men” video about this episode and what’s interesting is that it seems in the actor & writer’s viewpoint it was Joan who was “right.” They said something like “we’ll see what Peggy learns from this.” Which I took to mean Peggy will use “soft power” rather than the power to fire people in the future.

    But I’m not sure Sarah is wrong about the power to wield the big stick (firing) isn’t better than allowing some schmuck like Joey to keep earning income and demeaning you. Peggy’s in with the boys crowd was promulgated only when she tolerated the outright abuse. But in such a small place like SCDP I don’t see the art department being a very stable place to work, and by establishing UP FRONT how it’s going to be, I think Peggy could win a permanent change in office attitudes.

  • jake-aryeh-marcus

    I found this scene powerful and entirely true. Both women were correct and this portrayal of the conflict between what is more effective and what is right was overwhelming. I turned to my sons and said, “Joan is right, that is the way it is but Peggy has to learn not to care whether people think she is a humorless bitch.”

    Not much has changed. This elevator conversation is perhaps not so blunt today but it has happened to me many times. I am a humorless bitch and proud of if.

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