Seven Bay Area Clinics Dropped by Planned Parenthood Due to Concerns About Management

This article was amended at 5:35 pm Friday, August 20th to correct citation of the original source, which is the San Francisco Chronicle.

Planned Parenthood of America (PPFA) has announced Planned Parenthood of Golden Gate (PPGG) a network of clinics serving clients in five Bay Area counties of California will no longer be allowed to operate as PPFA affiliates, according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle.

PPGG has been dogged by fiscal and administrative problems, and as of September 3rd will no longer carry the Planned Parenthood name. According to  the Chronicle:

A representative of the national organization said that Planned Parenthood Golden Gate had failed to uphold the “standards and guidelines” by which each separately incorporated affiliate must abide, but that the details of the situation were confidential.

The interim CEO of PPGG, Therese Wilson, told the Chronicle that the seven clinics will continue to provide reproductive health services to patients in Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Sonoma counties, but will do so under another name.

According to the Chronicle, PPGG treats 50,000 patients per year, 92 percent of whom live below federal poverty lines.  Last year, the clinic gave away almost $1 million in free health care. But a bad economy and problems with management have led to a drop in donations, while the state budget crisis and dramatic cuts in Medi-Cal reimbursements have also reduced revenue. These problems were exacerbated by the cost of providing care to so many low-income patients in urgent need of care.

According to a source from Planned Parenthood Federation the management of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (San Jose) and Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo will open new, affiliated clinics in the areas served by PPGG to ensure continuous delivery of high-quality services.

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