The Live & Living MDG5 Shadow Report in Asia!

The Live & Living MDG 5 Shadow Report is an interactive, web-based report on the progress of the Millennium Development Goals 3 & 5 in twelve countries in Asia. The countries covered include the South Asian countries of Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan; the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines; the Mekong countries of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam as well as the East Asian country of China.  

This report aims to present alternative information on the progress/ lack of progress on MDGs 3 & 5. Reporting is based on the traditional UN indicators and additional critical indicators around MDGs 3 & 5.This report aims to contrast and compare national numeric reporting with local evidence and research to show where the gaps are.

More importantly, the space for NGOs to participate or to voice an alternative opinion to the reporting provided by governments is at a shameful minimal and the Live & Living MDG 5 Shadow Report serves as an internet campaign to remind governments and international agencies that women’s organisations and feminist organisations around the region are still watching them closely to see whether they will deliver on their promises on gender equality and universal access to reproductive health.

The objectives of this Live & Living MDG5 Shadow Report are:

  1. To use technology as a platform to bring grassroots voices to the United Nations (UN)
  2. To hold governments accountable
  3. To bring information that is rights-based, women-centred and NGO-oriented
  4. To comprehensively monitor MDGs 3&5 in the 12 countries ARROW works in Asia.

This internet report-cum-campaign has been generated by the Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW) and her partners.  


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