• janeyg

    This issue really rattles me. This ethical issue must be really explained thoroughly. Yes, there are cases where we prioritize the maternal health. Because there are cases where some mother’s life are threaten by being pregnant. But for most cases wherein the mothers are healthy, yet not reedy to be a mother, abortion became an easy choice for them. But think of these: fetus is a member of the biological species homo sapiens, like us humans. To destroy a human being deliberately is unethical, Therefore, abortion is unethical (murder), since it constitutes the deliberate destruction of a human being. Mothers who are not yet ready for a motherly role doesn’t need abortionists, rather they need the people close them to listen, accept and understand the situation and give her support. Abortion is not a way to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. Yes, it may give you a short time relief but for sure in time your conscience will haunt you.

  • belker

    It’s past time for those of us who believe a woman has a right to control every aspect of her body from allowing others to interfere and/or control them and their reproductive system.  Giving the anti-choice (enslave women) group a seat at the table has given them the power to succeed in turning back the clock in many states by restricting a woman’s right to seek medical procedures as she chooses.  We need to defend women more aggressivly against these people who would strip them of their autonomy.

  • ack

    Yes, pregnant women who want to remain pregnant need support. Yes, pregnant women should have access to programs and people who will help them complete the pregnancy and raise a healthy, happy kid. Yes, we should all look at the voting records of our state and federal representatives to make sure they support those programs, and kick their asses out of office if they don’t.


    Women who don’t want to be pregnant and don’t want to be mothers should not be forced or coerced into completing a pregnancy or being a mother.


    I destroy SENTIENT, ACTUAL human beings every day that I don’t donate blood, don’t sign up for the bone marrow donor list, don’t give a kidney, don’t donate to charity, don’t volunteer at home or abroad. So do you. I don’t want to donate my body to a developing embryo or fetus right now, and I shouldn’t be forced to. 

  • arekushieru

    AND it won’t haunt a woman’s conscience.  If that were true, then women who have pregnancies after an abortion would have to regret the resulting child from those pregnancies.  They don’t.  ….  Just ask my mother.

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