Mel Gibson’s Abusive Telephone Recordings

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  • crowepps

    These activities behind close doors not only affect the victim and their children, they hurt our entire community.

    If for no other reason, this needs to be stopped because it is incredibly damaging to the children who witness it. Hearing either Daddy or Mommy call the other parents horrible names, cowering in ones room hearing the threats and blows and consequent screaming and crying, having a complex bond to the abuser compounded of the necessity to align to avoid being the one abused and yet loving the other parent, having a complex bond to the abused compounded of loving the person and yet feeling that one is complicit in the abuse, all, ALL create huge psychological problems for the children involved and those play out in dysfunctional actions in their own lives both now and later.


    Children should be able to love both their parents without that love being manipulated in service to adult dramas. No child should be a witness to violence or verbal abuse.

  • tonys

    If these tapes are doctored and only 1/10th true, the man still needs a tremendous amount of help.  He is in a death spiral right now and I see no help other than for him to confess his need for help (and IMO, a savior) and get it.  I pray he doesn’t cause any more pain to his first wife or this one or his kids.  Get Help Mel!

  • grayduck

    The only help he needs is to be led into a jail cell.

  • auntbec

    I have three grandchildren and my daughter living with me right now.  One way my grandkids are certain to get into trouble is to call their mom a “fat butt”.  Mind you they are 2, 3, and 5.  I wonder where they heard that and why it’s a reason for their mommy to get mad at them.  This is a simple example of the anger they are carrying with them and the terms they’ve heard throughout their parents’ relationship.