• juliesunday

    When I call my dentist’s office, my gynecologist’s office, or Jesus, even my dermatologist’s office they ALL have a recording that says “If this is a medical emergency,  hang up and call 911.” Even if PP did have such a message on their phone line, such recordings are standard procedure for medical facilities that do not see emergency cases because they are not emergency rooms.

    Great article, Amanda, as always.

  • arekushieru

    What they aren’t allowed to do is act in bigoted ways contrary to their profession and expect to keep their jobs, a much different thing.


    …because you hit the nail on the head, as usual…?

  • oodlenoodle

    For one of the best articles on here that I have read. Too often, “religious tolerance” seems to mean “as long as it’s *my* religion.” Thank for for explaining this in a thoughtful manner.

    My mom is a pharmacist, and I couldn’t agree with her views more: “I went to pharmacy school to become a pharmacist, not judge people.”


    In Catholicism, it is a sin to kill. However, if someone has a job as a executioner, they are excused–because it is their profession, it is how they earn a living. How quickly bigots seem to forget that.

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