(VIDEO) Global Fund Documentary Sneak Peek to Debut at AIDS Conference

The United Nations Foundation will be debuting a sneak peek of a new documentary about the work of the Global Fund at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna this weekend.  The documentary, which the U.N. Foundation co-funded, was created to highlight the continued need for funding to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria worldwide.

“We are saving lives, and this is the most important thing to look at,” one doctor intones solemnly into the camera, amidst shots of families gathering, children playing, and also those who are ill, a strong reminder of what doctors are struggling to overcome in countries like Rwanda, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

A short preview of the Global Fund video:

The full documentary will premier in Kampala on July 26th, with a D.C. screening to happen later this summer.

The Global Fund is the world’s largest multilateral financing institutions for health. Through the Fund, 1.5 million women received antiretroviral treatment in 2009, and 4.5 million orphans and vulnerable children have received care and support services in the past five years.

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