• cpcwatcher

    I want to thank you for what you did, first of all, by running a clinic amidst such intimidation.  Additionally, the act of actually calling the CPC when a woman needs baby supplies shows, despite the charges from the anti-choice movement that calls you the “abortion industry,” you are there to care for women.


    Not long ago, a fellow birth doula I know contacted her local CPC to offer her services free of charge; while she was completely against the agenda, she knew that they had young, vulnerable pregnant women under their wing, and like any decent doula, she wanted these women to have a positive, empowering birthing experience. 


    No luck.  The CPC informed her that they didn’t welcome help from “outsiders.”  Especially, they charged, outsiders that did not adhere to the same faith-based model of “care” as the CPC, even though this CPC (like most) claimed to offer services regardless of religious affiliation.  When asked if they had any faith-based doulas in their network, or if she could help them find some for these women, the woman on the phone replied, “Thank you and have a good day,” and hung up.


    That is no standard of care.  Even with the anti-abortion mission, I could accept, at least in some respects, that CPCs sometimes do help women in need.  But denying their clients even the most basic opportunity to learn about positive birthing experiences (experiences that many women have literally been forced, by manipulation, to have), that I simply cannot forgive.


    I began CPC Watch (cpcwatch.org) to expose the basic lies CPCs tell: the purported link between abortion and breast cancer/infertility/depression, the graphic and often inaccurate images of fetal development, and the overlying agenda that’s not only against abortion but against contraception, positive sexuality, and choice in general, but through my research I have found so much more to expose.  And I think your article here captures this perfectly.


    So thank you again… Solidarity.

  • reverend-rebecca-turner

    Thank you, Charlotte, for your enduring voice of reason and compassion.  I do not understand how any religious agency can live with itself when it promotes such lies and deception and victimization, but we know that happens every day in hundreds of American cities.  Every person I know who has worked in an abortion clinic tells the same story.  How this sort of business fraud can not only be allowed, but actually be publicly funded (as it is in my state of Missouri) is just beyond imagination.  I hope the movie will be widely seen by young women and that they will warn all their friends about the dangers of such centers.

  • sweetchild92

    The White Rose? How disgusting to name themselves after the group of young adults in Germany during the Holocaust, risking their lives to SPREAD THE TRUTH, and in the end, being killed.

  • invalid-0

    Thank you for your work.


    CPC’s will always confuse women.  It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them on the phone, “Don’t go there – that’s not us; they are an anti-abortion organization; they are not a legitimate medical facility, etc, etc”, you still have women who go there.  I don’t know if they think they need to “see the other side” or what, but they come back to us scared about being stabbed in the stomach, having knives in their vaginas, etc.


    I don’t understand how CPC’s “operate on Christian principles” when to be successful at dissuading women from having an abortion, they have to lie through their teeth, intimidate, and purposefully distort the truth.  And even then, women still want abortions even if knives are inserted into their vaginas as part of a procedure.


    What’s worse is I think all these protestors and CPC volunteers are educated solely by the “literature” the CPC dispenses.  

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