• crowepps

    Surely with some effort it would be possible to organize an underground railway and help women in Louisiana escape and relocate in a ‘free state’?

  • bei1052

    And what makes you think they’re not happy in Louisiana?

  • saltyc

    Surrounded by Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi, I don’t know which are the most unfree.

    And the women do suffer under these unfree states. I know because I work for an abortion fund in a southern state, and can only give away a number of vouchers per shift. At the end I call the rest to tell them we ran out for the day, and they all thank me, sincerely. Which confused me at first, until I figured it was because I actually spoke to them respectfully and kindly about their situation, something they weren’t getting from family, friends or clergy.

  • crowepps

    Considering the oil spill and the impact which it’s having and going to continue to have on employment there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see out-migration beginning to occur in Louisiana as people begin to realize that fishing and tourism are doomed there for the forseeable future.


    I also sincerely thank you for your work. Women in tough situations really, truly hunger for respect and kindness. It’s too bad that family, friends and clergy won’t extend either unless the women ‘earn it’ by being subservient, allowing family, friends and clergy to control their lives.

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