Louisiana Mandates Ultrasounds, Even in Cases of Rape

Victims of rape and incest looking for both an abortion and some compassion in the state of Lousiana had better keep looking.  The Louisiana state house voted unanimously to pass a law requiring that all women seeking to end their pregnancies must have a mandatory ultrasound before they can obtain the procedure, including those who were impregnated due to sexual assault.

And, unlike the situation in Florida, Louisiana’s governor is an enthusiastic supporter.

From NPR:

Women seeking abortions in Louisiana will be required to get an ultrasound first, even if they are a victim of rape or incest, under a bill that received final legislative passage Wednesday.

The bill by Democratic state Sen. Sharon Broome of Baton Rouge was sent to the governor’s desk with a 79-0 vote of the state House. Gov. Bobby Jindal supports the measure.

Supporters of the proposal said they hope the ultrasound dissuades some women from getting an abortion at the handful of abortion clinics in Louisiana, by giving them more information about their pregnancies.

“This is a bill that empowers women,” Broome said in committee testimony, adding that at least 15 other states have a similar requirement.

How exactly forcing a procedure on a woman against her will “empowers” her remains unclear. 

Sadly, the law could have been worse.  The original bill mandated every woman was required to get a photograph of the ultrasound. 

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