City of Baltimore and Center for Reproductive Rights Ask for CPC Case Dismissal

The city of Baltimore, together with the Center for Reproductive Rights, is asking that the court dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Archbishop of Baltimore and the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, Inc., claiming that the city ordinance asking crisis pregnancy centers to have truthful signs outside their centers constitutes a denial of their freedom of speech.

From a Center for Reproductive Rights press release:

Today, the City asked the court to dismiss the case, arguing that the Archbishop’s claims against the ordinance are not supported by the facts or the law.  The ordinance protects women from deceptive advertising and ensures that women seeking birth control or abortion services have prompt access to those services.

“These facilities have a long documented history of misleading and manipulating women seeking abortion or contraceptive services.  It’s about time that they were required to tell women the truth,” said Stephanie Toti, staff attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Anti-choice advocates are upset with the ordinance stating that they must post signs declaring that they are not medical centers, and that they neither dispense nor provide referrals for abortions or birth control services.  According to the Archbishop, the ordinance is a form of religious harassment.

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  • crowepps

    Well, they’re probably right. If the government is going to insist on disclaimers that provide the truth, every church in the country will have to put up a big sign out front that says ‘we think you’re going to hell and we might be able to provide an alternative but we don’t actually have any proof and actually all of our theology is based on guesswork by people who thought the sun was a burning planet and the stars were holes in the sky.’

  • catseye71352

    You and your henchmen down at the CPC’s DO NOT have the right to lie to and intimidate women in the name of “respect for life.”

  • crowepps

    If the women want actual medical care in an actual medical clinic, and walk out when they see the sign informing them they’re in the wrong place, how is the ‘center’ going to be able to create delay after delay after delay until it’s too late for abortion to be an option?  Why, they might not even fill out the forms revealing their name, address and phone number that are necessary so that their privacy can be violated and the harassment can continue after they escape.