Why Is Crist’s Veto So Slow? Because He Has No Bill

We’ve been waiting with baited breath to find out whether Governor Charlie Crist is going to veto the Florida Mandatory Ultrasound Bill passed by legislature at the beginning of the month.  Today, we get a better indication why he hasn’t moved on it, yet.

The legislature never sent the bill to him for his approval.

From 10connects.com:

Gov. Charlie Crist is still waiting for leaders of the Florida House to send him a controversial bill that would require women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound before the procedure.

State lawmakers passed the bill on the last day of the legislative session on April 30th.  Right now it is the only bill yet to be sent to the governor.

Even though it passed the Legislature nearly a month ago, there is no time limit for House leaders to send the measure to Crist. …

The governor was asked on Tuesday if he thought House leaders were using gamesmanship by holding the bill.

“It’s their will.  Whenever they might want to send that final bill over is fine.  I look forward to receiving it and dealing with it,” Crist said.

Nothing like literally playing politics with women’s bodies.

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  • educated-rants

    Wow. I’m not surprised; Florida lawmakers do this kind of thing all the time. They appoint FPL execs to the oversight committees, opening the coast to off-shore drilling, slush funds on excessive spending on an AMEX card, the Attorney General hired a $250 per/hr lawyer to sue the Governemnt, etc, etc, etc…


    I guarantee the RPOF is keeping the bill for the next Republican Governor, and I would even bet they use it as a “scratch my back, i’ll scratch your’s” litmus test type deal on their candidates.


    I still can not comprehend how the majority of voters in Florida are registered Democrats yet the state congressional leadership is heavily Republican.