How Has the Pill Changed Your Life?

This month the National Women’s Law Center is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the birth control pill. To help recognize this golden anniversary, NWLC is compiling a list of 50 ways the pill has revolutionized women’s lives.

Help us commemorate the impact the birth control pill has made in women’s lives by letting us know how it changed your life.

Did you want to decide when or whether to have children? The ability to gain either economic or employment security? Have fewer PMS symptoms? Control your acne? Whatever the reason, big or small, if the pill was the right decision for you, tell us how it changed your life.

At the end of the month, NWLC will release a list of the top 50 different ways the birth control pill has affected your lives. Make sure your story is included.

Thanks for contributing your story and helping us celebrate this monumental moment in women’s lives.

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  • swl


    I suggest that everyone who consider using abortionfacient contraception such as the birth control pill read “The Contraception of Grief, The Genesis of Anguish Conceived by Abortifacients and Sterilization” by Theresa Burke, so that they do not make the same mistake as I did, trusting a doctor that did not tell me the truth about the pill and thus in sorrow having to look back at a life where several of my children was conceived only to be aborted.


    I suggest that everyone who consider using the birth control pill study the negative influence that the birth control pill has upon their lives, the risks to the health of the women who use it and the promisquity that it leads to.


    I suggest that everone who considers using the borth control pill study true and pure love, faithfullness, responsibility, discipline, abstinence and natural family planning instead.