NARAL to Support Joe Sestak

Senator Arlen Specter (D – Penn) may find his bid for reelection getting a little bit harder.  NARAL Pro-Choice America announced that it is endorsing Specter’s opponent, Pennsylvania Representative Joe Sestak in the state’s Democratic primary.

In announcing the group’s decision, Nancy Keenan, Naral’s president, did more than just plug Mr. Sestak’s views. She also strongly suggested that any previous support Mr. Specter has provided to abortion rights measures was given for his own political good.

“Many Pennsylvanians are under the impression that Arlen Specter might be a reliable pro-choice voice, but his record says otherwise,” Ms. Keenan said in a statement. “Pennsylvanians deserve a senator who considers being pro-choice a position of conviction, rather than a position of convenience.”

Specter has just finished his first year as a Democrat after over three decades as a member of the Republican Party.

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