Alabama Candidate “Smeared” With Science

It isn’t often that you hear a candidate “outraged” over attacks that paint him or her as reasonable, or mainstream.   But for one Republican candidate running for governor in Alabama, it appears that the biggest slander yet is to be accused of fact-based reasoning.

“Bradley Byrne…supported teaching evolution,” the attack ad states.  “He says evolution best explains the origin of life?”

Byrne, of course, adamantly denies any claims that he is anything but 100% Creationist.

As a Christian and as a public servant, I have never wavered in my belief that this world and everything in it is a masterpiece created by the hands of God. As a member of the Alabama Board of Education, the record clearly shows that I fought to ensure the teaching of creationism in our school textbooks. Those who attack me have distorted, twisted and misrepresented my comments and are spewing utter lies to the people of this state.

I, for one, cannot wait until the candidate debate so we can be sure to find out who thinks the earth is 10,000 years old and who doesn’t.

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