(ACTION) Condoms Aren’t a Crime! Sign a petition, Save a Life?

We’ve covered some of the more recent (and “creative”) ways particular cities – and Washington DC – are essentially criminalizing public health tools: by using possession of a condom as credible evidence that one may be engaged in prostitution. Condom possession in DC, New York City, and San Francisco has been used to support arrests and prosecution of individuals for sex work and it’s not just stupid, it’s dangerous.

From a recent article on RH Reality Check on efforts to pass a bill that would end this practice:

In the meantime, this bill’s holdup is hindering public health by discouraging prostitutes from carrying condoms. According to the Urban Justice Center, in a recent informal survey of street outreach program participants, nearly half of those who regularly carry condoms have had them confiscated by the police.

We know condoms are critical to stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS so why, in the name of all that is evidence-based, common sensical and healthy, would we encourage people not to use them?

Change.org has been rallying those who believe these laws are dangerous and should be repealed to sign a petition to the mayors of New York City, San Francisco and Washington DC.

If you want to add your voice to the thousands who have already spoken up and said, “Condoms aren’t a crime!” sign the petition (and potentially save a life!).

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  • catseye71352

    What do you want to bet that the exact same people objecting to condom distribution are the same ones who want to force women to bear unwanted children?

  • audacia-ray

    Although sending letters to the mayors of these cities is a perfectly ok thing to do, in New York state, there is a bill that has been introduced in the Assembly that, if passed, will stop police and prosecutors from using possession of condoms that people engaged – or intend to engage – in prostitution.


    If you live in New York state, PLEASE tell your representatives to vote FOR bill A03856. Sending a letter to Bloomberg is fine, but he doesn’t have the power to change state law, only the members of the Assembly and Senate can do that!


    Learn more about the bill from the Sex Workers Project.

  • amie-newman

    The RH Reality Check article I link to in the post is about the NY state bill. I’m glad you provided info!!