Trust Women: Documentary film featuring Drs. Hern and Carhart

I thought you might be interested in supporting a documentary film about the work of abortion doctors Hern and Carhart.  Here is the filmmakers’ description of the project, with a link to offer support. They are half-way to their fundraising goal!  Click here to see the story and offer support:

“We are working on a new feature documentary about Dr. Warren Hern and Dr. Leroy Carhart, two of the last doctors in the country who perform late-term abortions.
Late-term abortions (typically defined as those performed after 24 weeks) are not “elective” abortions–they are required by law to be medically indicated, and they frequently save the life of the woman involved. But even though they’re saving women’s lives, these two doctors and their families are the constant target of attacks, stalking, and harassment from anti-abortion fanatics.
For the first time, these two doctors have agreed to participate in a feature-length documentary about their lives, and are going to let us film them and their clinics.
Both of the doctors are incredibly warm, funny, and energetic–one (Dr. Hern, who lives in Boulder, Colorado) writes poetry, takes published nature photographs, and skis double-black-diamond runs (at the age of 72!) on the side, and the other (Dr. Carhart, who lives in Bellevue, Nebraska) is an Air Force veteran who owns a horse farm with his childhood sweetheart and wife of 48 years, Mary Lou.
The biggest obstacle for these two doctors is public perception, and we want to make a film that shows what these doctors are really like, and tells the stories of some of the women they help.
We’ve started a fundraiser on to try to raise $9000 over the next month and a half. And the best part is that, if you donate, you’ll get some exciting rewards in return!
Click here to make a contribution:
Any amount you can give will make a huge difference–no amount is too small!”

Like this story? Your $10 tax-deductible contribution helps support our research, reporting, and analysis.

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  • catseye71352

    And their attackers fit every single criterion for domestic terrorists.

  • concernedmom

    Yes, let us bow down at the feet of these esteemed doctors that so heroically jam a sharp instrument into the back of a partially born infant- or do they just administer a toxic drug to kill it in a less messy fashion? Forgive me if your simpering applause for these insipid infant Terminators makes me toss my cookies! Imagine, donating MONEY to support snuffing the lives of innocent unborn children in the last stage of pregnancy? I can’t think of anything more wicked or dispicable!!

  • saltyc

    your cookies somewhere else, CM, because frankly your constant resorting to gore make me toss my cookies.

  • concernedmom

    Hate to admit what REALLY goes on with a late term abortion? Pretty sickening, isn’t it? Much easier to look the other way, in the name of “Progressives for choice” I spoz??

  • goatini

    CM’s sad life requires her to adhere to a belief system that is based on archaic absolutes.  Her faith does not allow her to rightfully see herself as a victim of domestic abuse.  She cannot rescue herself.  Therefore, she sublimates her need for rescue into fantasy “rescue” of ZBEFs of women she will never know.  Her reward is acceptance by the fetus fetishists, who also are the enforcers of the rules that keep her in her abusive home situation.  


    I pity her.  

  • princess-rot

    If you put even half the funding that goes into anti-choice propaganda spreading into, say, cancer research, we wouldn’t still be sitting around waiting for your Magical Fetal Savior to be born and invent it.

  • concernedmom

    Go audition on Comedy Central! Your comments are hilarious!!


  • catseye71352

    I expect any day to hear that you have been arraigned in  Federal court for a Rube Goldberg attempt to bomb a family-planning clinic.

  • goatini

    Poor thing.  Religion truly is a drug.