Protest “” in NYC this coming Saturday

Saturday April 17th
Protest “
& its anti-abortion, anti-woman message
in the New York City subways
Speak out for Abortion Rights
and Women’s Liberation! promotes an aura of shame and guilt around abortion and contributes to the lie that to have an abortion is to murder a baby.  This comes in the guise of concern for women and providing emotional support for them. The anti-abortion agenda of these ads has been exposed in a New York Times article, which points out that the site directs people to pro-life groups with the Catholic Church and the site’s founder has collaborated with Feminists for Life.
Our response:
“forced childbearing changes you”
Abortion on demand and without apology!

Join us April 17th to break the silence and shame and declare that women are human beings, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with abortion!
A fetus is NOT a baby!
Women are NOT Incubators!
Abortion is NOT Murder!
Meet at 2pm near the subway entrance – SW corner of Union Sq. Make your own pro-abortion/pro-choice ad and we’ll spread our message through the subway, stopping at Columbia University, in Harlem and Williamsburg
From organizers for “From the Burkha to the Thong, Everything Must, and Can, Change– WE NEED TOTAL REVOLUTION!” — a national campus speaking tour by Sunsara Taylor

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  • rebellious-grrl

    I wish I was going to be in NY for this protest! Thanks for posting this and good luck with the protest.

  • adolmd

    just wanted to remind you that these groups are NOT “pro-life”

    they are anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-reproductive rights, anti-religious freedom.


    I am pro-choice b/c I am “pro-life.” I know that more women will die if abortion were made illegal or harder to access.


    as my ob/gyn professor told me “nothing will come between a woman and wanted pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy.” Meaning that a woman that wants to get pregnant, will get pregnant, and a woman that wants to terminate the pregnancy, will terminate.

  • jill-stanek

    Sunsara, I was hoping for an recap of your protest. Photos? Blog post?

  • invalid-0

    Any updates?

  • cmarie

    Almost twenty years ago I went with several friends at college to Holy Thursday Mass at a local church.  There were about twelve of us.  Most people didn’t usually go but it was almost Easter so we went in a big group then to a restaurant.  This one guy, I knew was just not himself the whole time.  It was like he was falling apart.  He didn’t go to communion and he didn’t go out with us after.  This other friend gave me a lift to dinner and I asked what was wrong with Dave.  There was no one else in the car so he told me.  Years before this guy’s girlfriend of several years got pregnant by him.  He wanted to get married but she had an abortion and “it just about killed him.”  This guy who told me the story was pro choice but he was honest about what he knew to be the truth about our friend.  He hadn’t set foot in a church in all those years.  This was a very nice guy, a smart guy, certainly no religious nut but after all these years he was still punishing himself for something he couldn’t have prevented anyway.  I understand you oppose this gathering but its not as if its all based on nothing.

  • equalist

    I read some of the stories on that site and was sincerely bothered by the one sided experiences (I didn’t see one story of rape or incest, and it honestly seemed more an advertisement for abstinance only before marriage or a form of slut shaming and stories of “I had sex for fun and not procreation, and now I’m miserable” than anything else), disturbed by a couple of nutjobs who apparently see women as nothing but walking incubators there only to fulfil their desire for children against their will (including one who’d told a woman he barely knew carrying an unwanted pregnancy that was not his that he would adopt her child, and then went on about how he was crushed by the woman’s decision not to be his private baby factory and grieved for the child she was carrying that he considered his, named it years later and had to go into therapy to come to terms with the “loss”), and proud of the few who had the nerve to stand up against it all and say “This was the right decision for me and I don’t regret it in the least.”  One of the most disturbing was a nurse’s three stories of late term abortions for medical reasons, condemning women for delivering stillborn babies and calling it abortion as if that was their choice.  Whoever reads through some of this crap and deems it informative and fitting should seek mental help.  I honestly felt for the handful of stories that seemed honest regrets from women who were forced into the decision by parents or others, but to tell the truth, most of the garbage on that site sounded more like fictional accounts of what anti choicers want everyone to think abortion is about than any kind of true or accurate representation.

  • kate-ranieri

    Arex and Jill Stanek strike me a vultures, much like the protesters who frequent the sidewalks of abortion clinics, waiting to pounce on those with whom they have a difference of opinion. How’d the protest go? Any updates? [salivate, snarl, salivate]

  • invalid-0

    That would be true, but vultures are better known for picking away at dead and dying things.  Contrarily, pro-choice activism is alive, vibrant and highly populated, right?