Stupak to Announce Retirement From Congress

The Michigan representative now best known for attempting to hold healthcare reform hostage in order to advance his anti-choice agenda will be annoucing his retirement today, according to the Atlantic.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) plans to announce his retirement today, Democrats briefed on his decision said. Stupak, the leader of a pro-life faction within his party, had received death threats and was under intense political pressure after he agreed to support the Democratic health care reform legislation, even though pro-life groups insisted that it would allow federal funds to be used for abortion.

Stupak was being challenged in a primary by Charlevoix County Commissioner Connie Saltonstall, who has already received the backing of numerous pro-choice and women’s political action groups.  It remains to be seen if she will be the only Democratic candidate for the seat after Stupak’s exit.

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  • offred

    Bart Stupak is a man of tremendous courage, who let his anti-abortion principles gain a much better deal for the anti-abortion movement than they would have otherwise been able to get.


    Ultimately, though, he is a pragmatist who negotiated the best deal he could for his beliefs, which included getting health care reform for his constituents in addition to limiting abortion funding.


    His centrist, principled pragmatism is becoming increasingly rare in congress. He will most likely be replaced by an intransigent loudmouth from either the right or the left, and the average person will be far worse off because of it.


    Thank you, Bart Stupak, for all your hard work during the past 18 years. I’m sorry the bastards on both sides ground you down.

  • saltyc

    You have no feeling for all the women who are struggling because they can’t afford to pay for an abortion. Taking away help is not good, and this “endangered species (if only!)” helped to make it harder for private insurance companies to cover abortions, this is heartless and cruel.


    We all benefit from sex, so why do we make women who need abortions bear the full cost of it? We whose lives benefit from sex need to help these women out, which is what I do but it’s too big a job, more people need to help too. I give of my time to do this, but it sickens me to hear that those making are job harder are somehow principled, they’re sick, twisted ideologues with zero compassion.