Black Children are Beautiful Members of the HUMAN Species!

Wow, this is awesome. Thank you to whoever took some “artistic license” with one of these messed up “Endangered Species” billboards that the Georgia Right to Lifers have plastered all over the Atlanta area. Click here for more info. There’s also the video featuring Sister Song that really breaks it down (much better than the NY Times article, actually). In a nutshell, the word BEAUTIFUL, below, is covering up the nasty anti-abortion message that “Black children are an endangered species.”

Black Children are Beautiful

Here’s a good point to ponder… why would the anti-abortion movement use the term “species” when talking about Black children? Using the term “species” for other members of homo sapiens has been used in horrifically racist ways and is utterly unscientific and wrong. Geneticists have shown after all that there’s far more variation within the socially defined groupings of humans known as “races” than between races themselves.

Black children are beautiful and Black women who control their reproduction as THEY decide are beautiful too!

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  • harry834

    “Black children are beautiful and Black women who control their reproduction as THEY decide are beautiful too!”

    Sing it, sister!


    (unless you prefer “sista”)

  • rebellious-grrl

    Great post! Just wanted to share two links:
    Black Children… Beautiful, or Endangered Species?

    Anti-Abortion Billboards Claim “Black Children Are An Endangered Species”: A Meaningful Contention?

  • cmarie
  • prochoiceferret

    Nice sites, but they’re kind of silly in light of this.

  • cmarie

    Oh, pro choice ferret, I laughed out loud when I saw your link.  Wow MLK and Sanger were once on the same side of a general contraception availability argurment.  Maybe in the future some genius will argue that you and I were were on the same side of every possible political arguement because we both read and posted on this site. 

  • emma

    Gee, cmarie, do you want to link those same two sites again? I think I missed them the first twenty or so times you posted them.


    Is it your argument that Black women have no agency, and are therefore incapable of making decisions vis a vis reproduction (including abortion)? And is it your argument that it is evil and racist for Planned Parenthood to provide health services for Black women such as pap smears, breast checks, STI tests, contraception and so on and so forth (which is most of what they do)?


    I hope you understand that attempted genocide is a fairly serious charge to level against any person or organisation – it’s really not an accusation that should be frivolously thrown around for political purposes.


    This whole ad campaign is just so fucked up. The idea that Black people are a separate species is such a classic racist trope, and as pointed out in the OP, the concept of ‘race’ is socially constructed and defined by racists. How spectacularly unshocking that scientifically illiterate anti-choicers would buy into that.