Make Anti-Choice Protests Backfire

Anti-Choicers in St. Paul

Well, it’s almost Friday. For most people that’s a good thing. But as a Planned Parenthood staffer, tomorrow it’s a bit different. That’s because tomorrow is Good Friday and that means that over 1,000 anti-choice protesters will be demonstrating at the Highland Park Clinic in St. Paul, MN.  It’s a day of tremendous stress for our patients and staff, but thankfully there will also be over 500 pro-choicers at the clinic showing support for Planned Parenthood and the services we provide. Check out a video from last year’s Good Friday Event. If you’re in the neighborhood, there is still time to sign up to join us!

Additionally, hundreds of pro-choicers are showing their support for Planned Parenthood by pledging the anti-choice protesters, so that every anti-choice protester that shows up tomorrow actually RAISES money for Planned Parenthood. Last year when the Archbishop attended the anti-choice rally, he helped raise over $14K for PP. Check out our video to learn more about the Pledge a Protester effort.

This year we’re predicting record numbers of anti-choicers, and there are still about 500 anti-choicers who need to be pledged. Pledge 1 protester or $10, 2 for $20, 5 for $50 so that every protester is pledged.  And tomorrow we’ll be sure to let the anti-choicers know just how much money they helped us raise! ;) Click here to Pledge a Protester!

I’ll be livetweeting (@ppmn), updating our facebook page (, and updating this page regularly with the details, pictures, and videos from the day’s events, so stay tuned!

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