Reproductive Justice

25 years ago, I had an abortion. Should my IUD fail me currently, I would get another abortion post haste, even if abortion were illegal. I am a woman of adequate means and, as it is every day all over the world in every nation that outlaws abortions, I would be able to pay a sympathetic doctor or leave the country to obtain an abortion. My conscience dictates that I not create children that I don’t want/cannot care for. To me, creating children that one ends up resenting/malnourishing/neglecting/abusing/murdering is exponentially worse, downright evil even, than expelling an insensate cluster of barely differentiated tissue. I believe that poor and minor women deserve the same rights of conscience that I will always be able to exercise. This is what we pro-choicers mean when we speak of access to abortion as a matter of reproductive justice.

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