40 Days of Hateful Rhetoric

We are a little more than halfway through 40 Days of Harassment, and the rhetoric outside of our medical office is as hateful as ever.   Our volunteer escorts are working harder, and our patients are more distraught.


You may have seen this week’s front page story in the Albuquerque Journal about our friend and colleague, Dr. Curtis Boyd.  Dr. George Tiller’s murder last year left a void in the availability of late-term abortions, and Dr. Boyd has courageously begun filling that void at his office in Albuquerque.  The story also appeared in today’s Los Angeles Times (http://tinyurl.com/boydabq), and brings attention to the fact that women who need the service can still find it.  Similar stories also appeared on local television news broadcasts.

Reports confirm what we’ve presumed all along – that Operation Rescue has been in contact with our local opposition to discuss strategies for harassing Albuquerque providers and patients.  Many Operation Rescue followers moved to Wichita, Kansas for the purpose of harassing Dr. Tiller out of business.  Since his murder, they have had no one to oppose.  Now they do. 

We knew they would be looking for a new home base in which to set up camp.  They may have found it in the opposition nest that is directly across the street from our medical office.  The hostile head of our local opposition told the reporter that he is in communication with Troy Newman, ‘president’ of Operation Rescue. 


What does this mean for PPNM? 

Bringing Operation Rescue tactics to Albuquerque is concerning for all of us.  Their underlings firebombed Dr. Tiller’s office and attempted his murder.  They deny involvement with Dr. Tiller’s murder, but evidence shows otherwise. 

We expend an extraordinary amount of resources on security for our staff and patients.  It requires elaborate and expensive security systems, training for our staff, volunteers to escort our patients – all of which drain resources from our ability to provide the stellar services for which we are known.  Preparing ourselves for Operation Rescue-style harassment means we need to re-double our efforts – and our resources – to ensure our continued ability to provide needed services to our patients.


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  • mechashiva

    I undserstand that late term abortion is a specialty surgery, and as with any specialty surgery there won’t be amny people performing it in the country. However, most specialty surgeries are done in hospitals, right? Mostly teaching hospitals? That’s where these abortions should be done, rather than in these out-patient, stand-alone offices.


    I hate the logistical problems with offering late term abortions in a hospital setting, though. It would increase the cost. Hospitals also likely don’t want those surgeries performed on their property because of the risk of anti-abortion terrorist attacks. It’s just very frustrating that the abortion patients and the staff must be placed at higher risk due to the stigmatization of a procedure that is only done in the most heartwrenching of circumstances.

  • crowepps

    Unfortunately, services at hospital require a cooperative effort by all the staff and that is not available when some of the governing board, or the administrators, or the doctors/nurses, or the janitors, or the volunteers, are ‘ProLife’.  Their complaints that they should not have to work in a place that ‘murders babies’ and their inability to recognize that some abortions are absolutely necessary to save women’s lives end up discouraging everyone involved from being able to provide this type of operation.


    It just is not worth the grief and negative publicity that they have to deal with, not to mention the ethical questions involved when hospital staff insist that their ‘moral position’ entitles them to violate patient privacy by invading a part of the hospital where they do not work, reading the records of patients who are not in their care, interferring in the care given by other staff, and sometimes even taking pictures and FILMING those patients to gather ‘evidence’ as part of their ‘ProLife’ activism attempts to change hospital policy.


    Whether the administrators buckle under to the fanatics and just remove abortion services from the hospital, or on the basis that their behavior is unprofessional fire them and end up expensively defending against a wrongful termination suit, the sense of entitlement and abusive tactics of ProLife activists have managed to make any such services entirely lose-lose for both full-service hospitals and women with problem pregnancies. 

  • ack

    Some state laws prohibit medical students from learning to perform elective abortions:

    A woman may not obtain an abortion in any university facility under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Board of Regents unless the procedure is necessary to preserve her life. Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 15-1625 (Enacted 1981); § 15-1630 (Enacted 1981).

  • mechashiva

    Hm, interesting. Do you know if the Hyde Ammendment the basis for that law, or if it is something else?

  • piercebutler

    Speaking of hateful rhetoric – is this legally actionable?

  • colleen

    I don’t see a direct threat to do bodily harm in that. Just the usual expressions of Christian hatred bolstered by scripture.

  • ack

    replied in the wrong spot

  • ack

    …but considering we have a long-standing near total ban on abortion in state law, I’m guessing it was just anti-choice legislators being just that. If Roe v. Wade ever gets overtuned, AZ will start punishing women who seek abortions by throwing them in state prison:


    13-3604. Soliciting abortion; punishment; exception

    A woman who solicits from any person any medicine, drug or substance whatever, and takes it, or who submits to an operation, or to the use of any means whatever, with intent thereby to procure a miscarriage, unless it is necessary to preserve her life, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not less than one nor more than five years.


    But it’s interesting that the provider would get a misdemeanor:


    13-3605. Advertising to produce abortion or prevent conception; punishment

    A person who wilfully writes, composes or publishes a notice or advertisement of any medicine or means for producing or facilitating a miscarriage or abortion, or for prevention of conception, or who offers his services by a notice, advertisement or otherwise, to assist in the accomplishment of any such purposes, is guilty of a misdemeanor.


    If the state somehow banned birth control again, at least they would censor all of those annoying Yaz commercials.