Wake County, N.C. Reinstates Abortion Coverage in Insurance Plan

One month after unilaterally removing all abortion coverage from their county employees healthcare plans, Wake County, N.C. has now reinstated the coverage.

The removal of abortion coverage was instigated by County Manager David Cooke, who did not consult with the board of commissioners before making his decision.  The board then deadlocked in a 3-3 vote over the issue, before the seventh commissioner, who was recovering from a stroke, voted by phone for reinstating the coverage.

Although the final vote broke on party lines, one commissioner stated that her vote was not just about providing adequate health plan coverage, but also a reminder that changes in policy need to be brought to the board rather than made without review. “We just want to make sure that the county manager and attorney (don’t take) authority without coming to this board,” [Commissioner Lindy] Brown said.

According to the Wake County News Observer, only one or two women per year use have used insurance to cover abortions.

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