Catholic School Kicks Pre-Schooler Out of Class for Crime of Having Lesbian Parents

God Bless the Child.

Unless of course her parents are lesbian.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports today that a preschool student at a Catholic school in Boulder, Colorado “will not be allowed to re-enroll next year because the student’s parents are a lesbian couple.”

Teachers at Sacred Heart of Jesus School received word at a staff meeting earlier this week that the student would not be allowed to return to school next year because of the student’s “home situation.” The teachers also were told not to talk to the media.

Of course.

In a statement to 9News of Boulder, the Archdiocese of Denver said the parents disqualified their child from enrollment by their actions.

“Homosexual couples living together as a couple are in disaccord with Catholic teaching,” the statement said.

The Daily Camera states that “according to the archdiocese, parents who enroll their kids at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School are expected to follow the Catholic Church’s beliefs.”

“No person shall be admitted as a student in any Catholic school unless that person and his/her parent(s) subscribe to the school’s philosophy and agree to abide by the educational policies and regulations of the school and Archdiocese,” the statement said.

But, you know, if it were me, I might actually be confused as to what the church’s teachings are.  Because, you see, as we reported earlier today, apparently practicing homosexual men living within the household of the pope get a free ride. 

As noted earlier today, one of Pope Benedict’s papal gentlemen-in-waiting was procuring young gents for his own sexual escapades right there in the papal closet.  Yet despite the fact that this gentleman was–at least if I understand the concept–living in “disaccord with the Church’s teaching,” sources told the Guardian that “there was no provision for the dismissal of a Gentleman of His Holiness.”

Another said: “We shall wait for the judiciary’s definitive verdict.”

The short version?  The Papal gentleman will not be “schooled.”  At least not any time soon.  He gets to stay pending a “definitive verdict.” 

Of what? I don’t know. In theory this papal gentleman was doing nothing wrong; he obviously is gay or bisexual, and is someone who is living in shame and stigma within a church that considers homosexuality “disordered.” He could not possibly live a normal, happy life as an openly gay man, unless of course he left the papal household.  But it is troubling that he is being protected because he is part of the papal entourage, especially given the Church’s prior laxity on the issue of pedophilia and sexual abuse within churches and Catholic schools.  This sort of double standards is characteristic of that most ancient of institutions: the old boys’ club. 

The pre-schooler, on the other hand, will not be educated at the School of the Sacred Heart because of some perceived sin of the child’s parents, as determined by an institution so rife with hypocrisy and discrimination it’s a wonder the leadership can sleep at night.

The Camera stated that the Sacred Heart of Jesus School could not be reached for comment late Thursday.

Neither, of course, could the Vatican.

Even they haven’t figured out how to spin this one.  Or are they all just too busy trying to figure out how to screw women?  (Out of health care that is.)

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  • catholicsagain

    I think we have to let him know how heartbreaking and terrible this decision is.


  • elyzabeth

    A home situation in dissaccord with the Church’s teachings?

    As long as the Church also expells all the children whose parents are divorced, using birth control, lived together before they were married, and don’t show up for Mass every Sunday, they will be perfectly consistent. 

  • crowepps

    Along with any parents that work on Sunday, cheat on their spouse, aren’t nice to Mom and Dad, steal pencils from work, look at pictures of “nekkid” people, or want a Lexus like the guy down the street.  I think the school would be pretty empty.


    Do they really, truly think this is distracting everybody from CONTINUING unfolding of the pedophile scandal?  Does anybody else remember that the impetus for the Witchcraft Burning hysteria was the outrage, of which Luther was the loudest publicizer, about indulgences, licentiousness and similar scandals of insitutional corruption in the Church?  They managed to kill thousands of women that time — how many gays and pregnant women are we going to let them sacrifice this time to give themselves the illusion of holiness?


    Now it’s the Netherlands —

  • angelbuns

    This really doesn’t surprise me one little bit. I’m surprised it surprises anyone else, though. What does surprise me, really, is the outlook of the Catholic Church on homosexuals and the fact that for some reason this lesbian couple wanted their child exposed to something like that by enrolling her in a Catholic school. That, I don’t understand.


    However, as far as I’m concerned, it should be their prerogative. And, really, this does go against the Bible’s teaching. You aren’t supposed to turn a child away from Christianity. If that isn’t what the Church is doing, I don’t know what is.

  • crowepps

    You aren’t supposed to turn a child away from Christianity. If that isn’t what the Church is doing, I don’t know what is.

    Oh, please — the heirarchy having tolerated repeated instances of priests telling boys that God wanted those kids to give the priests blowjobs or girls that sex was included in ‘pastoral care’, and having sheltered and protected and repeatedly transferred the priests to areas where fresh victims were available, it’s pretty obvious that ‘turning children away from Christianity” wasn’t any kind of problem for the Church.