The Loons Just Get Loonier…

And sometimes it’s just too good to pass up.

They’ve gone from death panels to claiming the President wants to pass health reform to have sex with you….or something…as Media Matters for America details here.

Read, laugh, weep.  Your choice.

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  • frolicnaked

    Hey, Jodi? Respectfully — some of us do live with a mental illness (or illnesses), and probably more of us know someone who does. Using “crazy” as synonymous with “conservative against health care reform” doesn’t do a whole lot to rectify the societal bias against mental health issues. 

  • wendy-banks

    Sorry, you are not the only one with a mental illness (Major depressive disorder from my fibromyagia) and I do not find the report or term crazies insulting– In fact, quite a few of the right-to-lifers and far-righters I’ve met act a great deal like frothing psycotics– And yes, I have first hand eye-witness front seat views to all three kinds of nuts thanks-ever-so much. (When you get very, very depressed, you get admited to a psyc. hospital I’m really thankful for anti-depressants and pain-medication.) And my doctor insists I’m not psycotic– neurotic as all get out maybe. (Hey, if you had a Mother like mine…)

    To bad bad we can’t find a way to medicate the religious fanatics out there– Maybe if we spike the water supply?…

  • crowepps

    The birds won’t be offended.

  • ahunt

    Loon works. Some loon planted 12 black walnut trees in my yard 80 years ago…so I’m also good with “NUTS.”

    • wendy-banks

      “I’m good with nuts” *chuckles* Bad girl ahunt…

  • jodi-jacobson

    My apologies if i caused any offense.  I not only know what it is like to live with someone who has and/or deals with mental illness and in addition depression, I would never seek to marginalize or otherwise stigmatize  people who do. 

    I do think it is fair to use the word “crazy” in this context because I think that the people who are bent on using every falsehood and smear in the book are in fact crazy in their own way….and deliberately so. 

    That being said, I changed the title.

    Best, Jodi

    • frolicnaked

      First off, thanks very much for the edit. As for people who are bent on using smears and falsehoods, I’d suggest that they’re dishonest, defamatory, malicious, and manipulative and that those qualities may have roots that are classist, sexist, or otherwise privileged and ethnocentric… but all those qualities are different than having one’s brain chemistry/reactions work in a way that’s outside the accepted norm.

  • ahunt

    The only thing meaner than black walnut trees is cat piss.