Planned Parenthood Has A Widget For You

This article was updated at 1:20 pm on Thursday, February 25, 2010 to add a direct link to the page to get the embed codes.

Interested in figuring out the right birth control method for you? Wondering if you should be tested for an STI? Need to know where the closest Planned Parenthood clinic is located? Planned Parenthood now has three widgets that can be added to a blog or webpage. All three are also available in Spanish.

The Check is a brief quiz helping the user determine whether he or she needs to be tested for sexually transmitted infections.

My Method guides users through a series of questions about what is a preferable selection and based on the answers recommends different types of birth controls.

My Location gives users information about the closest Planned Parenthood clinic.

Those interested in testing out the widgets can check them out here. If you are interested in adding them to your blog or website you can find the form for the embed codes here.

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  • jadelyn

    I’m not finding anywhere that one can get the code to put those widgets on one’s own blog or site…just the widgets themselves.  Do you know where they might be hiding that?

  • rachel-larris


    Thanks for pointing that out. The link to get the embed codes is here. I will also update the post.

  • jadelyn

    Awesome.  Now I can add the locate widget to my blog!