Kansas State Senator Tom Holland to Announce Run For Governor

Kansas state Senator Tom Holland will announce his run for governor, confirming the speculation from earlier this year that he was eyeing the race.  Holland will be the fourth Democratic candidate to attempt the nomination, and the immediate front runner over Herbert West III and Marty Mork (Tom Wiggins, the other Democratic party candidate, dropped out of the race in December).

Former Senator Sam Brownback is expected to be the Republican nominee.

Holland, a seven-year Kansas state legislator, is considered by many local advocates to have a strong pro-choice record, and may be the best candidate to take on Brownback despite coming into the race a year later than the former Senator.

Holland was first elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in
2002 where he served until he moved to the Senate after the 2008
election. He is known as great campaigner, excelling at raising money
and reaching out to his constituents. He unseated two Republican

It remains to be seen if Holland will continue serving as state Senator while on running for governor, but if he does, expect his votes in the next legislative session to be closely examined, especially those on numerous anti-choice platforms being introduced this year.  Brownback, a far right Republican with a staunchly anti-choice record, will make limiting abortion rights a focus of his campaign.

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